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   Chapter 138 So Sad! Leaving With Little Molly (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6882

Updated: 2019-01-27 00:13

Molly sat on the sofa, feeling very uncomfortable.

She was nervous. The entertainment news was still about Park Shin Chun's concert yesterday.

Molly sat on the sofa, feeling very uncomfortable. She was nervous. The entertainment news was still about Park Shin Chun's concert yesterday. Entertainment outlets, feeding on the hype were now touting Wing's upcoming charity concert as the next big thing. Spark, the rebellious prince a.k.a Golden Finger was also slated for a guest appearance at the charity fair. Such a group would undoubtedly bring more worldwide clout to A City.

The host was cheery, spicing up her show with a bright smile. But Molly was not in the mood any more. She hardly felt the excitement she'd felt in the ecstatic crowd at the concert last night. She was even more uncomfortable when she thought why Shirley would come here.

Lisa made a cup of scented tea for Molly. "Miss Xia, have some tea, please. It will make you feel better." She served with a smile.

Looking at Lisa, Molly asked with curiosity,"Lisa, do I...look very nervous?"

With a slight smile, Lisa said courteously,"Somehow, you do!"

Brow wrinkled in concentration, Molly looked down and rubbed her hands.

"It's natural to feel nervous from the horrifying experiences you went through yesterday. Who wouldn't buckle under such circumstances ?" Smiling, Lisa continued with a touch of affection,"Actually, you were very strong."

Looking at Lisa, the frown on Molly's face faded into a smile. Actually... everyone looked at her weirdly, she assumed.

The sudden slamming of the door scared Molly and Lisa. By instinct, they both turned to look and met Shirley's furious eyes.

"Madam!" Lisa greeted.

"Aunt...Aunt Shirley..." A scared Molly stood up, breathing in bursts as she watched Shirley angrily charge straight at her.

Unaware of how nervous Molly was, Shirley grasped her by the arm. "Little Molly, let's go!" she ordered.

"Go? Where are we going?" Molly asked, stunned.

"Let's just leave here, and get a break from these disgust

d,"We can buy everything that we want today. Let's forget all our troubles and indulge in a little luxury."

"What?" A cautious Molly looked at Shirley, wondering just how much two people could spend in a day. Pensively she started,"Aunt Shirley... how much do you plan to spend?"

"Take it easy! It's not on our bill. And you can spend as much as you want!"

Money had never been a problem for Richie or Brian. When it came to treating their women, there was nothing they wouldn't do. Besides, Shirley and Molly were shopping at an affiliated mall of Dragon Empire Group.

Although Shirley had never known Richie's exact wealth, she knew the vast financial muscles of the Dragon Empire group and the XK Intelligence Agency. Shirley simply didn't concern herself with finding out the finer details of her husband's net worth. But then again, Richie didn't wish her to know either.

Of course, she didn't know Brian's net worth either. But, the daily transactions of his casinos and stock exchanges on international markets were huge.

"I don't want him to pay for me..." Molly timidly spoke her mind. Although Brian gave her an extra credit card, she didn't know her limit. She only regrettably knew of the painful cost of the 200, 000 dollars she had borrowed from him. If she bought things without control... it would take her more than one month to pay off.

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