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   Chapter 137 Asleep In His Arms (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6111

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Molly felt a bit disappointed when she saw him leave, but she quickly restrained her feeling.

Brian went back to his own bedroom, took a shower, changed his clothes and went downstairs.

Tony was still waiting for him downstairs. Seeing him come down, he greeted him respectfully,"Mr. Long!"

"How is it going at the Emp Exchange now?" Brian coldly asked as he walked outside.

"Harrow hasn't done anything," Tony briefly said. "He cannot make minute adjustments to the stock market index!"

Without saying anything, Brian walked out of the house and got in the car. Tony silently stared the car as it drove outside towards the Emp Exchange at high speed. There was less than an hour left before the share prices were fixed.

For that very reason, people waiting at the Exchange were getting increasingly excited and nervous. Everyone there was holding their breath in anticipation of the final moment.

Brian took the private elevator and arrived at the central control room. Harrow had already left, but when Tony told him that Brian was going there, he quickly came back.

The moment he entered the center control room, he saw Brian, who was frowning and furiously typing something. Brian looked calm, like a domineering and confident king who could do anything he wanted to.

Folding his arms across his chest, Harrow leaned against the wine cabinet and quietly watched the data flash across the screen. When he looked up at the clock, he found that there was ten minutes left before the closing quotation was set.

He felt very nervous. He thought that it was impossible for Brian to make those slight and subtle adjustments, but was still hoping for a miracle to appear. He was really nervous, hopeful, and excited at the same time.

Brian's face was straight and devoid of any emotion. His fingers were

took out his phone and issued an order,"Follow Mrs. Long in secret. Mr. Long told us to protect her and try not to disturb her."

Shirley went out of the hotel with rage boiling up in her. She even didn't notice that Park Shin Chun's nanny van had stopped in front of the hotel gate. She just walked to the roadside alone and hailed a taxi. After she got in the car and told the driver where she wanted to go, she took out her phone.

"Aunt Shirley..." Molly said over the phone, with a touch of embarrassment in her voice.

In her extreme anger, Shirley didn't notice her embarrassed voice. She just asked,"Little Molly, are you still in the villa right now?"

Molly closed her lips and then confirmed that she was still there, feeling a bit guilty.

"Please wait for me there. I'm be there very soon!" After she finished speaking, Shirley hung up the phone.

Stunned, Molly heard the busy tone from the phone and immediately got nervous.

She was also very worried, wondering whether Shirley was going to blame her for her secret and abnormal relationship with Brian.

Molly silently put down her phone and wiggled her fingers restlessly, waiting for Shirley. She had prepared herself for the worst.

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