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   Chapter 135 Asleep In His Arms (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6656

Updated: 2019-01-26 00:09

Brian's dark eyes slightly narrowed, glittering with anger.

However, Molly just felt very tired!

She was very nervous yesterday. Even though she could get some sleep later, she was unable to relax.

She had just curled up in a corner and suffered nightmares until Brian had found her.

At the moment, she was in Brian's villa and the familiar environment, breath and smell were making her feel slightly at ease. So she had fallen fast asleep. Since Brian had suddenly lifted her out of water, she was so cold that she had been rubbing against him instinctively.

Brian glanced at her with a morose expression in his eyes.

"Hm... I'm cold..." Molly uttered in a low voice with dry lips. Then she rubbed against his chest once again.

Brian stared straight at her wet body. Her large breasts kept pressing against his chest as she got closer to him. The continuous rubbing slowly made him feel aroused.

Brian slightly furrowed his eyebrows and seized a bath towel to wipe her body. Then he went out of the bathroom with her in his arms and put her on the bed.

"Hm..." Molly let out a pitiful groan again. She grasped Brian's clothes more tightly, not releasing it from her grip.

"Take your hand off my clothes!" Brian slightly frowned, but she held his clothes even more firmly. With his clothes getting wet, he stared at her. She abruptly furrowed her eyebrows and her lips also trembled as if she was scared that he might leave her.

For some unknown reason, Brian felt happy about this. His mouth even twisted in a slight smile. He then gently bent over and slid his finger across Molly's trembling lips. To his surprise, her lips gradually stopped trembling and she even slowly loosened her grip on him. However, she continued frowning. While Brian was gazing at her, there was a touch of sadness in his eyes.

Brian slowly let her go from his arms and was just about to leave the room when she muttered," Don't leave me alone. Don't..."

Brian stopped in his tra

arms, but when he had moved a little bit just now, she had begun to become restless. At the thought of this, he had to hold her in his arms and sleep together with her.

Tony kept waiting for Brian downstairs. The minutes ticked past, but he still didn't come out. He had been in Molly's bedroom for two hours. Tony got impatient and frowned, raising his head to look towards the room located on the second floor.

Right then, his phone rang. He drew his gaze away and answered the phone. Before Harrow, who was calling him, got any chance to speak, he said," Mr. Long can't go there now!"

"Hm?" Harrow was stunned by Tony's words. "Who'll help him control the share price and market index today?"

Tony also furrowed his eyebrows and then looked towards Molly's bedroom again. "I'm afraid that if you wait for Mr. Long, the best chances will be missed."

Harrow knitted his brows while looking at the stock market index.

Brian never delayed his work because of any woman. Even when Becky was staying with him, he had always given his priority to his work. Today's stock market index was so complicated that he couldn't have made any changes or adjustments to it. If he made a mistake, it would cause turmoil in the stock market. And they would have to spend a heck of a lot of energy trying to clean up the mess.

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