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   Chapter 134 Like Father, Like Son (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6297

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Richie had already grabbed onto the door knob while Shirley was speaking. He paused and turned his head around. Narrowing his eyes, he told her coldly,"Whatever you want."

Right after he finished speaking, he opened the door and walked out of the door without any hesitation.

"Bang!" the door was closed. Looking at it, Shirley couldn't help but cry. She felt aggrieved seeing Richie walk away like this.

She felt suffocated. She never had this kind of feeling since Richie brought her back from B city. Her heart seemed to be torn apart by claws, which made her almost black out.

Richie stood outside the door after he walked out of the room. Looking at the closed door, he could not help but recall the scene he saw at Sheridan's place. The room was full of purple flowers and Shirley was sitting on a swing, while Sheridan was holding her in his arms.

He had seen a vast expanse of purple flowers once on Moonlight Island and he was amazed as he had never seen so many purple flowers before. It was a fascinating flower field which was even more beautiful than the lavender field in Provence. He vividly remembered that there was also a swing tied to a tree on Moonlight Island.

Recalling all this, he became furious again. His eyes and face darkened. However, he didn't know whom he was mad at, himself or Shirley.

When he learned that she was in danger, he was so nervous that he almost forgot to breathe. How could he put her in danger again?

But when he saw Shirley in Sheridan's embrace, he got really mad, mad at himself.

If it were not for Sheridan, Shirley might have ended up getting hurt.

Richie was mad at himself because he wasn't there to protect her when she was in danger. Moreover, the man who had saved her was not just any other man, he was someone who had loved her deeply all this time.

His brows wrinkled, and he was upset thinking

arm for long. Frowning, Molly felt a little cold in her sleep. She even felt a chill over her body, but still, she didn't wake up. She kept mumbling something subconsciously, but it wasn't loud enough to be heard.

All of a sudden, the bathroom's door was pushed open. The temperature in the bathroom wasn't very warm and it got cooler when someone came into the room as the cold air outside gushed in. It was Brian. His face darkened when he found Molly sleeping in the tub. Grabbing the bath towel aside, he walked up to her and lifted her up from the tub without thinking.

"Umm," Molly mumbled. Maybe Molly was so exhausted that she still hadn't woken up, but the sudden coldness made her lean against Brian closely. The clothes he had just changed into got wet again.

Normally, Brian would have woken her up, but he just swallowed his words this time. The woman in his arms had no idea of what was happening. Instinctively, she held Brian much more closely, and snuggled in his warm embrace. Finding her mumbling in her sleep and holding him tightly, he suddenly didn't have the heart to wake her up. However, holding Molly, who was naked in his arms, had turned him on. He found that he didn't want to move his eyes away from her bared body.

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