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   Chapter 132 Like Father, Like Son (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7213

Updated: 2019-01-25 00:29

Pursing his lips, Brian gazed at Molly whose face had turned deathly pale. Frowning, he could tell that Molly was at a loss what to do at that moment. Her pale face reminded him of what he had seen at Mr. Shen's place when he went to pick her up.

Molly hadn't been sleeping on the bed. Instead, she had curled up on the floor in a corner, burying her face between her legs. This scene was familiar to him as he had found Molly cowering below the stairs once before.

She must have been terrified last night.

Brian knew that Molly was claustrophobic, and now, it seemed that she was showing signs of autism too. She must have been through something so terrible that huddling up in the corner made her feel safe. However, she looked calmer than he thought.

He had thought that Molly was just an ordinary girl, but now he was starting to think that he had been wrong. She might be much stronger than he thought, and this thought intrigued him. He wanted to get to know her better, but slowly. She was like a book which he wanted to read gradually and carefully, page by page. Even if she didn't want to let him in her heart, he was determined to get to know her better.

Meanwhile, Shirley was mad at Richie's rhetorical question. If she had known that this day would come when he would mock her about it, she would have definitely learned how to drive.

"You don't need to worry about that!" said Shirley with clenched teeth. Then, she grabbed Molly's arm and continued walking with her. Molly was still in a daze because of Shirley's abrupt decision to leave.

Everyone remained silent again. It seemed that the surrounding air was completely frozen.

Since Shirley was so anxious to leave, she held onto Molly's arm to lead her out. Molly had no choice but to walk with Shirley. Although Molly was looking ahead, she felt that someone's eyes were glued on her from behind. Apparently, it was Brian's piercing eyes that had followed her retreating steps.

Brian didn't say another word, but she could still feel the pressure coming from him despite his silence. He seemed to be telling her to stop. After a while, Molly stopped walking as she c

e seemed to have forgotten all her problems at the moment. However, the tears brimming in her eyes were telling a different story. Inside, she was crying out as she could feel the unbearable pain in her heart. Her heart seemed to be cut through by someone with a knife.

She was just an ordinary woman. How come so many unexpected things were happening to her, one after another? Did anyone notice that she was afraid of all this?

No one did.

Everyone was accusing her and blaming her for whatever had happened.

Just like today, Brian's father was blaming her for putting Shirley in danger.

However, it wasn't her fault.

If it were not for Brian, she wouldn't have gone through all these terrible things.

An even brighter smile appeared on Molly's face. She began to laugh. She kept laughing and laughing until she couldn't breathe. Finally, she crouched down, buried her face in her arms and burst into tears.

Brian stood by the door, staring at Molly quietly the whole time. Her smile was so bright that he almost lost himself in it, but thinking about the meaning behind her laughter made him upset. Before he could clear up his thoughts, he saw Molly crying abruptly. He thought that he would get mad at her for crying, but he didn't. He wasn't able to figure out what he was thinking anymore. There was only one thought left in his mind. It was to hold this woman, who kept bringing him troubles, into his arms.

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