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   Chapter 131 Like Father, Like Son (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6593

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Living in this hypocritical world, caring too much about what other people think will only hurt you in the end.

The atmosphere in the villa was extremely tense.

Everyone inside looked pretty serious.

Frank left when he saw Richie return with Shirley.

From the look on Richie's face, he seemed to have figured out immediately where Richie had found Shirley, so he left right away after greeting them.

He thought that both of them must have come back from Mr. Shen's place. Only a few people knew the real identity of Mr. Shen, and even fewer people knew about his previous relationship with Shirley. However, Richie and Frank knew about their past, and Frank understood what it felt like for Richie to find out that his own wife was rescued by her old lover.

Jealousy arose in what had happened, but anger was more evident and potent. Frank thought that Richie was actually mad at himself for not being able to be there for Shirley while she was in danger.

He thought about how Shirley looked like while he was driving. Judging from her red and a bit swollen eyes, she seemed to have cried a well of tears. His face darkened at the thought, frowning. Ever since Shirley had left Dragon Island with Richie and Wing, he had never seen her cry out of sadness.

Though Frank drove pretty fast, Eric was still able to follow closely behind. Narrowing his eyes, he gazed at Frank's car in front with anger on his face.

He had never seen his father look like this before. There was an evident concern on Frank's face when they were in the villa. Eric could tell that his father had restrained himself from saying anything. Even though it had been so many years, Eric wondered whether his father was still in love with Shirley up until now.

Pursing his lips, Eric found himself mad at this thought in his mind.

What if his father was still in love with Shirley? If he was, how could he be with Smart while he was actually still in love with another woman?

was mad at their attitude. Neither Richie nor Brian had even asked them how they felt, if they were okay or if they were afraid. After all, they had been through a lot since yesterday.

Even though she had gotten used to dealing with such dangerous situations since she had been in XK Intelligence Agency for many years, how about Little Molly?

Obviously, Brian showed no concern about Molly's safety. How could men treat women like this?

How could they afford to do whatever they wanted to do without considering other people's feelings?

Shirley was so furious at them that she walked in silence all the way to the door with Molly. Tony and Antonio were looking at them at the door, wondering whether they should stop the two women from leaving the room or just let them leave.

"Mrs. Long," said Antonio,"should I get you a driver?"

"I can drive by myself!" shouted Shirley without even looking back.

"Can you?" a cold voice came from behind. It was Richie. It was easy to tell that he was so upset by the look on his face which was cold and penetrating. Even though it was very cold outside, it wasn't the wind which gave them the chill. Richie's remark did.

On the other hand, Brian seemed to be not as angry as Richie. After all, it was Richie's wife who was held by another man's arms.

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