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   Chapter 130 I Miss You And I Will Always Keep An Eye On You (Part Six)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6210

Updated: 2019-01-25 00:02

And what he said was not entirely false. Like that one time, there was a slump in the share price of Shen Group which came as a warning to him from Brian.

Sheridan sighed under the table. The fact that he was forced to do that showed that Brian had grown to become one of the super powers in A City and he did not want to have a direct conflict with him. He finally stopped thinking about his business and looked at Shirley. Her eyes had turned red and they were brimming with tears. He could not help but raise his hand to touch the corner of her eye, wiping the tear away from her beautiful cheek. He said emotionally,"I never thought that I could see you again for the rest of my life. When I found out that you were in A City, I followed you to every place you showed up. I really hated it that all I could do was silently watch you from a distance. But it was very fortunate that I had eyes on you yesterday. If I had not been watching you, I would have lost you and that would have left me with full of regret and self-loathing. I would have been pulled again into the deepest of abyss, which for me is full of sadness and self-blaming."

Shirley was so moved by his words. She licked her lips slightly and looked at the man in front of her, who was her first love. But he was also the reason why she met Richie and started a life filled with pure love with Richie. And since the past was so far away now, no matter how much he had hurt her, they were now just poignant memories. Moreover, he had sacrificed so much for her. She could not bear to blame him any more for his past deeds.

"Sheridan, will you remove the mask and show me your face? Could you? Please?" Shirley asked in a hushed tone. She did not want to hurt him.

He couldn't look into her eyes after hearing that request. He kept his regretful gaze on the floor and replied in a sof

ould have been great if he could be in this embrace for the rest of his life. Maybe, with this precious hug, his life wouldn't be too lonely anymore.

As a warm aura enveloped the flower room with their passion, pain and memories of the past, a loud bang was heard all of a sudden. It felt like the room was hit by a bomb. And the next moment, the door collapsed with a loud thud.

Sheridan released Shirley instinctively and they both stood up to look at the door which was broken down. Two men were standing at the doorway - Richie and Brian. Richie's usual cold and indifferent face was now unpredictable and his eagle eyes were fixed on Sheridan. He glared at Sheridan as though he were Richie's prey. He was ready for the killer drive.

While the two men who loved Shirley made furious eye contact with each other, Brian seemed relaxed and even a little happy about the situation his father was in. He leaned against the door frame and looked at his mother, who was obviously in the middle of some emotional train wreck. He could see that her eyes were still red from too much crying. An evil and arrogant smile unfolded on his face. Brian asked his mom in a low voice,"Mom, could you please tell your dear son where Molly is?"

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