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   Chapter 129 I Miss You And I Will Always Keep An Eye On You (Part Five)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7172

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:56

"There are matters that still need to be dealt with on Sun Island. Why did you not go with Mom?" Eric asked in a nonchalant tone.

"The congressional proposal needs to be revised."

"Oh, I see." Eric clenched his teeth. He held up his milk glass. Anger and indignation overwhelmed him. While he slowly drank the milk, he caught glimpse of Frank. Hate arose in him to an extent where he could not hide it, like a sharp rope reining in his heart. He could not control his frustrations anymore.


There was an assortment of flowers in the flower room of the greenhouse; most of them were purple. They looked beautiful, particularly since it was very rare to see so many flowers in winter. It was certainly very comforting to be surrounded by those exuberant flowers. The warm and cozy environment threatened to pull out all kinds of hidden feelings. The emotions couldn't be expressed in words.

A white swing chair hung low in the midst of all the flowers. Swinging slowly in the chair, Shirley felt that she had gone back to the past again. She remembered the days during which she could not be with Richie. There was no other way for her to support his life, other than by missing him dearly. She drew his pictures everyday, outlining his figure day after day. When she missed him too much, she spoke his name out aloud - once, twice, ten times, hundreds of times or even thousands of times. Only by doing this, could she go through the hard times.

"Why did you build this flower room?" Shirley asked Sheridan, who was sitting next to her.

Sheridan was still wearing his sliver mask. A shadow of a smile appeared on his lips and he replied softly,"When Elias was in Moonlight Island, he changed the acid-base property of the flowers on the island to turn them purple. I was curious about it and heard that it was because Ryan had asked for them to be changed into purple. Afterwards, I learned why. Ryan had fallen in love with someone and one day she had said that she loved the color purple. So Ryan asked all the flowers on the island to be turned into purple."

Ryan... That man was still alive in her memory.

Shirley's brigh

t his father's good and bad genes. Brian has an omnipotent father, who dominates the world and looks down on everybody else. In any case, let's say that he will not disappoint his father."

A lump formed in her throat. She looked at Sheridan. The silver mask in his face reflected the grim light of the faint morning. The light did not warm her heart. She wanted so much to apologize to him. Shirley couldn't understand how he could say those things about the past without any care in the world. She couldn't fathom the emotion that was driving him, to pretend as if nothing had happened to him. She never asked Brian about what he had done, but she knew for sure that if it weren't for Sheridan's tolerance and concession, Brian's power could not have grown to be so strong in the region.

"Sheridan-" She started to say.

"No, Shirley." Sheridan interrupted her and turned away from the purple flower that had captured his attention. He knew what she was going to say next and it would not be good for their relationship. He didn't need to hear it from her. He smiled and said,"This is all I can do for you right now. There is no need for you to apologize to me. And frankly, Brian could ride the whirlwind and control everything even without me compromising for him. And you know, Shirley, What I did is not just for your sake or his. If I had conflicts with him, I would have to bear losses too, which I would not want."

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