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   Chapter 128 I Miss You And I Will Always Keep An Eye On You (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6554

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:50

"Whether she is good enough for me or not, that is for me to determine after I get to know more about her on a deeper level. I think it is worth a shot." Eric liked the thought of it and his mind roamed into a distant future. Brian could tell that he was yearning for a romantic relationship with Molly; he could see it in his eyes.

Looking at his self-absorbed face, Brian's face turned grim. He knew well that Eric was trying to elicit his true feelings towards Molly. But somehow he could really read the passion and love he had for Molly in his eyes.

Eric was back in the present and avoided direct eye contact with his brother. He put down the milk bottle and tried to figure out his honest feelings for Molly. He had only wanted to bring the truth out of Brian as to how he felt about Molly by pretending that he had a romantic interest in her. However, after putting it out there in words, he sort of really felt it. Did he really want a romantic relationship with Molly? When had this terrifying thought crept into his mind?

"Mr. Richie Long."

Tony respectfully called out from the other end of the room. At the same moment, the front door was pushed open and a gust of cold air blew into the room. Both Brian and Eric looked towards the door as two men walked into the room. They looked totally different, with respect to both their appearance and their temperament.

Richie and Frank entered the room with an air of authority. Richie had on a full-black dust coat. He showed no emotion on his stone-cold face. His eagle-like eyes were the picture of a silent lake without any ripples on its surface - like a mirror which reflected every truth in the world while hiding the powerful undercurrents beneath its surface at the same time.

As for Frank, he wore a suitable tailor-made suit with the mark of 'Z' on it, which represented the highest status in Dragon Island. Frank no longer looked young and naughty, he had mellowed down from the

reprimand him. He also knew very well that his mother was his father's greatest priority. He always gave precedence to Shirley over anything else. And this time, because of Brian's fault, Richie's honey wife was kidnapped. So he was bound to make sure to blame Brian for what had happened.

Brian's face fell and he felt worse than before. He was belittled in front of Eric and Frank. He murmured to himself," Shirley is not only your wife, but also my mother. She is very important to me too! I did not go looking for her last night because I wanted to give you the opportunity of finding her yourself. I thought she would be very glad if you went in person to save her."

After a glut of self explanation, he said in a deep voice," I am going to look for my woman too." He left the villa after his father.

Frank decided to leave them on their own and sat down beside his son, Eric, to enjoy the delicious breakfast prepared by Lisa. There was no one else in the room besides the father and son. However, the aura in the room was awkward and strange rather than comfortable or warm.

Eric finally decided to break the awkward silence. "Is Mom back?"

"She had come to Dragon Island," Frank replied softly. "After that she went to Sun Island to sign the media contract for the next five years."

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