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   Chapter 127 I Miss You And I Will Always Keep An Eye On You (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6623

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:12

Antonio bowed his head slightly in respect and answered,"Mrs. Long and Miss Molly have left here safely. Mrs. Long called me just now to confirm that they were safe and would come home together."

Brian frowned at the report he received. Of course, he was happy to know that they were safe, but their whereabouts were still unconfirmed. He asked Antonio,"Which group did this?"

"Based on our investigation, we found that the site has been cleared using professional methods. All traces have been eliminated. For now, we are unable to procure more information about them, but we will soon get our hands on detailed information about this, tomorrow, at the latest," Antonio replied diligently.

XK Intelligence Agency was said to possess the best and the most sophisticated information network across the world. Nobody and no evidence could be kept hidden from their investigative eyes for long. If XK Intelligence Agency wanted to know about something, they got that information at any cost. Even if the investigation lasted for long periods, anything they wanted to know would be brought to light at the end. Unless they didn't want to look into it.

Brian remained silent. He was thinking. He assessed the villa in front of him.

Given the fact that the members of XK Intelligence Agency and the Shadow Organization were with him now, it was obvious that the men who had saved Shirley were not his subordinates. Who else had the power to save them in A City?

"Have you informed Richie of this?" Brian turned away from the villa and asked.

Antonio lowered his sight and answered,"He already knows about it."

Brian shot a glimpse at him as if he wanted to say something further, but he decided against it. He walked towards his car. He lingered after opening the car door, changed his mind and gave the order,"Find them!" His low and menacing voice indicated that his order must be followed through at all cost.

Antonio frowned and tried to find an acceptable way

always people from somewhere, crossing his red line and trying to hurt his woman.

Eric shot a quick glance at Brian, trying to read his expression. He slowly sipped his milk and curled his lips into a grin. "But lucky for her, she wouldn't be staying with you for more than a few more days. She would be much safer if she was away from you."

"Do you think I will let her leave me?" Brian eyed Eric with cold fury. He could not imagine a reality where there was no Molly. And he absolutely refused to let Molly go. The color in his eyes dimmed because of the mixed feelings he was experiencing. He got fidgety and then he said in a gloomy voice,"If she left me, wouldn't it be inconvenient for you to test how important she is to me anymore?"

Eric shrugged innocently at Brian's unpleasant words. "Why should I make any effort to test that dull thing? Your heart is entirely occupied by Becky. And Little Molly is nothing but a replacement for her. How could you take any interest in a woman who is nothing more than a substitute?"

Eric scorned. He paused and slowly continued with a smug smile,"However, if Little Molly left you, I could get to know her better and pursue her. I am starting to think she is mesmerizing."

"She is not good enough for you. You deserve a better woman!" Brian said defensively.

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