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   Chapter 126 I Miss You And I Will Always Keep An Eye On You (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6577

Updated: 2019-01-24 00:06

"Do not be scared, Molly!" Shirley said in an urgent, but soothing voice. She reached out and embraced Molly. As she held Molly in her arms, she looked around at the people in the room, wondering what would happen next.

Smith's expression changed rapidly as he took into account what was happening. His guard lay motionless on the floor. His plans were initially flawless and detailed and he carried through with his mission in strict accordance with his plan after he had come to A city. But everything had fallen apart. Nothing was going as desired. He did not have his target in sight. He didn't even have the chance to contact his target yet. And here he was, already in trouble.

Mr. Shen shot a cold look at Smith, then walked in a calm pace towards Shirley. He was completely unaffected by the plethora of guns pointed at him.

He might have seemed indifferent and cold in others' eyes, but only he could hear his heart pounding harder with each step he took towards his beloved woman. His chest felt like it was being grabbed by someone mercilessly. His breathing became shallow because of the poignant sadness for the love he had lost. He wanted to escape from there, to evade Shirley, to leave and to forget the fact that he could never have her again.

Shirley looked at the approaching man, her savior. As Mr. Shen drew near, Shirley felt her heart jump up to her throat. When he came to a halt in front of her, she looked into his eyes which were filled with sorrow and regret. The deep anguish endowed in his eyes made her hands shiver. The coldness crept through her entire being and her voice shook when she asked him," Are...are you...Sh...Sheridan?"

Just like a breeze, the memories of the time they had had stirred up their hearts. The soft call reminded them of the lost passion and the love that they had missed in the past years. The laughs, the craziness and the hurt of the past sprung out from the depth of their memories, surging and

at he was afraid of them being hurt, but also that he did not ever want to see fear in Molly's face. Yes, he was very worried about her.

With all these mixed feelings in his mind, Brian stepped on the gas, increasing the speed to over 300 kilometers per hour. Even as he crossed that speed, it still failed to soothe his senses. Instead, more trepidation haunted him. He could not evade the unbridled visions. The only thing he could do was drive faster to get to them as early as possible. He would only be relieved after he saw for himself that they were both safe and unharmed.

He once again stepped on the pedal and the car raced forward.

After what seemed like an eternity, Brian finally got to the location which Antonio had mentioned. He hit the brakes abruptly and the dust gathered around his car like a sandstorm. All his subordinates who were present there were treading on eggs, waiting for the upcoming storm of fury.

As he angrily kicked open the car door to get off, Antonio and his subordinates from the XK Intelligence Agency rushed to formally greet their boss.

"Mr. Long."

Brian eyed them coldly. He looked around and noticed that the members of the Shadow Organization were standing beside the XK Intelligence Agency men. He sneered at them," Where are Shirley and Molly?"

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