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   Chapter 125 I Miss You And I Will Always Keep An Eye On You (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6576

Updated: 2019-01-23 00:37

"Trust me, you will pay with your life if you hurt her."

The cold, enraged voice enveloped the air and everyone in the room looked towards the door. A man stood there, with a silver mask covering his face. His presence gave off a formidable aura. Not to mention, there was a legion of men behind him with all kinds of guns. And the weapons had silencers installed, which meant that these guys meant business.

The tension in the room increased with the arrival of the uninvited guests. Molly had never experienced something like this in her life. She was so terrified that her heart was beating in her throat. She had no idea how she was supposed to react in this sort of situation.

Shirley was startled by the sudden intrusion. She did not know who they were. She silently looked at the man with the sliver mask. She realized that the figure was familiar to her and the man's gestures reminded her of someone. She was surprised. He was surely someone whom she knew.

'But who is it?'

Shirley tried to recollect her memories.

During the time Shirley was lost in thought, Mr. Shen's attention was drawn to her. He looked at her with a relieved expression. Memories welled up in his eyes and they were like deep lakes filled with reminiscence and a great yearning of what seemed like more than a thousand years for her. His memories of her arose in his mind like a raging river; he was unprepared. He could not control his emotions and the love which he had kept hidden in the depth of his mind for so many years...

The memories of his past had appeared in front of him like a gushing storm, overwhelming and engulfing him. A dam of feelings struck him all at once. Some were so heavy that he could not bear to remember them, some were so heart-warming which he would never forget. Of course, his love for her remained like a solid wall that could never be torn apart. He regretfully remembered the pitiful things he had done to her before and he also reme

orehead. Molly's face paled even more at the sight of the blood and the terrifying scene that had unfolded in front of her. The dead body lay stiffly on the floor near her.

Shirley couldn't move a muscle either. Shock and fear were wrapped around her whole body. Though she hoped that the man in the silver mask was on her side, she still did not like the way he took care of things. It was unbecoming to do such violent acts in front of two women. Killing people was not the way by which she wanted to be saved. The customized gun, a tranquilizer, which Richie had given to her would only incapacitate the attacker, but not kill them.

For a young but innocent girl like Molly, witnessing a murder was extremely horrendous. She felt giddy. The shadows of people surrounding her were starting to become faint as though they were some kind of illusion. She was on the verge of passing out. However, she knew that she couldn't afford to lose consciousness at a critical time like this. She didn't want to be an extra burden on Aunt Shirley. Molly tried her best to keep herself sane and as she bit her lip to stay silent, the taste of blood filled her mouth. Under the circumstances, the smell of blood made her feel even more awful. She felt her guts twisting and nausea crept in. She was about to throw up.

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