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   Chapter 124 The Bullet Flew Towards Her (Part Three)

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"You don't have to buy time by uttering such inflammatory words." Laughing, Smith added,"Now that these men inside the house are very good at what they do, those who want to rescue you may have a tall order. Besides, many of my men lurk around the villa, so the chance of anyone coming to your rescue is minuscule.When Brian controlled the Chancellor Group's share price through the Emp Exchange, we made up our minds to bet the rest of our fund on this matter and make our final efforts. However, Brian dashed our hopes and let the Chancellor Group face a crisis on QY Island. Humph! If I can't get what we want this time, I will not let you off so easily!"

"Are you counting on these hit men who work for Philip?" Shirley asked calmly.

This time, Smith was really surprised. "Who are you?" he asked after a moment of contemplation.

Instead of answering his question, Shirley simply smiled lightly. Not a friendly and sweet smile anymore. For the time Molly had known her, Shirley was a very kind and gentle person. But now she was very different. On the contrary, she now looked aggressive, and intimidating even to her captors.

Even though Molly didn't know very well what they talked about, she still could learn from their conversation that this issue had something to do with Brian. Now that it was related to Brian, she was sure that she must have been the intended captive.

From Smith's expression, she learned that he was frightened of Shirley now.

Like Smith, Molly also started to wonder who Shirley really was.

Apparently unperturbed about the situation, Shirley seemed to negotiate, taking it calm and easy with Smith, despite his cruelty. Moreover, Shirley had come to town with a bodyguard in tow.

Flatly, Shirley said,"I'm just an average person who often learns about the breaking news all over the world. If you don't believe me, you can try to harm me.But, I have to warn that you'd better look before you

siness competition. Why did they put other people's life at risk? Would they find satisfaction in needless loss of life?

At the thought, Shirley got more indignant. Despite getting accustomed to the cruelty during her time under the XK Intelligence Agency, she still valued life. More so, she valued her own life, and always kept hope even though she was at her most difficult moments.

Still terrified, Molly's mind went blank. Heartbeat racing like an engine and legs numb, she couldn't even follow the exchange between Shirley and Smith. All she remembered was that she hit something hard when Shirley jolted her to dodge the bullets.

Tightly she gripped Shirley's clothes and gritted her teeth. With her breath coming in bursts, she swallowed hard. She struggled to keep her fear under so as not to distract Shirley.

A sullen Smith stared at Shirley as if Shirley's words were getting to his nerves again. He then pointed the gun at Shirley and said,"I will kill you first!"

This time, Molly understood what he meant. The pupils of her eyes dilated, and her eyes sparkled with horror.

Interrupting the oppressive atmosphere that had fallen over the room, a loud smash burst open the solid wood door. Then someone roared in an angry voice,"Do you think you can harm her?


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