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   Chapter 123 The Bullet Flew Towards Her (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6733

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However, the Shadow Organization had its rules. Although everyone realized the urgency of the matter, Antonio didn't work at the organization anymore, so he had to report the matter to the head of the organization, if he wanted a dispatch of members to the rescue of Shirley and Molly. When Frank learned that Shirley was abducted, he forgot that he was in the meeting in Dragon Island's parliament meeting room. After he issued an order to coordinate with Antonio, he left the meeting room, leaving everyone confused. Forthwith, he took his private plane to head for A City.

In Brian's villa, Brian, sitting on the sofa, watched Park Shin Chun's interview. He disliked Park Shin Chun and couldn't understand why Shirley was so infatuated with him.

Standing not far away from Brian, Tony was drinking a cup of water. He cast a glance at the TV and noticed that Brian was displeased, so he slightly shook his head.

Time moved slower than a Sunday afternoon. By 11:00 p.m., there was still no sign of Molly coming back.

Brian turned his gaze away from the TV to the clock on the wall. He began to pull a long face and slightly closed his lips, his eyes showing melancholy.

Tony waited for Brian's order to bring Molly back. However, to his surprise, Brian didn't give him such an order!

Tony was surprised, seeming to realize something.

Molly stayed with Shirley now. Since Shirley was Park Shin Chun's crazy fan, she might follow Park Shin Chun's interview along with Molly.

Tony shrugged and felt relieved. After he said goodbye to Brian, he went back to sleep.

It was difficult for Tonny to know Brian's thoughts now. It seemed Brian's love was now divided between Becky and Molly at the same time. Tony had never been in any relationship and didn't understand Brian's affection for Becky and Molly. But Harrow had once said it would be difficult for Brian to end his relationship with Molly. Tony still couldn't understand what Harrow meant.

Brian stood up and went to the small bar count

n's woman. Besides, as far as I know, it's hopeless for anyone to think he could stop Brian from doing whatever he wants. At this rate, I'm afraid, your day of reckoning could be looming," she warned."And we may leave here much sooner than you think!"

Shirley added confidently, optimism flashing in her eyes, which almost shook everyone in the room. Abruptly, Smith stood up, unhappy with Shirley's audacity. "Don't bring such blabber here, thinking it will scare us. We have observed for a long time and have found that Brian cares about this woman very much. You can wait and see whether we can stop him from taking action."

"We don't have to wait. If you let go of us now, you might not have to face an inevitable bad end. But as long as you continue keeping us here and being unkind to us, I'm afraid that the entire Chancellor Group might be wiped out soon, with dire consequences for you. It might spell your end," sternly, Shirley warned, her serious tone seeming to have pity for what might befall Smith.

On her part, Molly remained tight-lipped. Since Shirley spoke to them in a foreign language, Molly could only understand a few words. And before she could figure out what they talked about, they had already changed to another topic.

As she gazed at those men who carried the machine guns, Molly nervously swallowed.

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