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   Chapter 122 The Bullet Flew Towards Her (Part One)

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Earlier Molly had comforted herself, but now when the man stood at the door, she was so scared that she even forgot to breathe.

She just bit her lip and kept her eyes wide open.

In contrast, Shirley was unruffled.

From a young age, she'd had many horrifying experiences, especially during her time under the XK Intelligence Agency. Thus perhaps she wasn't afraid in the current misfortune.

"Little Molly, don't be afraid. I'm here with you," Shirley comforted in a soft voice, sensing Molly was very frightened.

Biting her lip, Molly turned her head to look at Shirley. As their eyes met, Shirley put on a smile for her. It calmed Molly down slightly. Lately, in her darkest hours, it seemed she always had heard someone say those same words.

But from different people the words gave her mixed feelings. Overbearing, mischievous, and insincere attitudes, she always read in those words. They made her feel unreal. But Shirley sounded genuine and her words were reassuring.

Shirley then flashed Molly a big smile. While fixing her eyes on the man at the door, she tried to untie the rope which bound their hands.

The strong, tall man turned on the light and walked into the room. Immediately, Molly and Shirley realized he was a foreigner. They stared, not knowing what to expect.

"It seems I am the target," Shirley muttered in confusion.

After she heard Shirley, Molly gnashed her teeth, held back her fear and bravely said,"Aunt Shirley, as you said just now, we are in this together. Come what may."

Shirley smiled, seeming not to care that she was in danger, even as the foreigner approached. And she was impressed by Molly's fortitude.

Liking a person was a simple thing. But what she felt towards Molly was more than that.

"Gary, our boss asked you to take her to meet him!" Someone outside the room said with a foreign accent. Shirley and Molly realiz

. In this case, it might be difficult for Antonio to find them in a short time!

The car was just started when two of the men pulled out black swathes to blindfold their captives.

"What are you... Hmmm..." Molly was about to say something, but one of the men put a wad of cloth into her mouth, stifling out her words.

Without saying anything, Shirley just let them blindfold her. At this moment, she had to be calm. If their target was Molly, they might do a lot of cruel things to such a beautiful lady. Rape might be included.

Shirley gently pinched Molly's hand, trying to calm her. Then she tried her best to mark the approximate speed at which they were moving, the number of the straight road sections and the numbers of the corners that the car turned.


It was very late at night. People across the city were still excited about Park Shin Chun's concert.

Without informing Brian about the situation, Antonio secretly contacted the XK Intelligence Agency. After that, he quickly made a call to his contact in the Shadow Organization. Although he hadn't worked for the Shadow Organization for many years, he was the bodyguard of the organization's boss before. With this identity, he was highly regarded within the organization's ranks.

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