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   Chapter 121 Got Used to Being Kidnapped (Part Three)

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Shirley understood Antonio's worries, so she signalled to Molly and then walked up to Antonio. "I am just watching a concert. There's nothing dangerous. Richie is always worrying too much.What's more, I look so special in other people's eyes because you are always following me. Without you by my side, I would just be a common woman taking my daughter to the concert," said Shirley with a smile.

Consciously, she really treated Molly as her own child.

Despite her words, Antonio still felt a little bit worried. He knew that it should be safe inside the stadium, but he was careful, just in case.

"Okay, okay, I will be fine. I should go in now," Shirley said and patted Antonio's shoulder to reassure him. "In general situations, I'm still capable of protecting myself."

Helpless, Antonio sighed. He had no choice but to wait outside. "Okay, I will wait outside. Please call me as soon as the concert is over!" said Antonio.

"Okay!" Shirley answered. She didn't ask Antonio to go back to the hotel first. She knew that even if she asked, he still wouldn't go back.

Then, Shirley took Molly to the entrance, and after the security check, they went inside the stadium. Gradually, all the crowds outside went into the stadium, and the gates finally closed with waves of euphoric yelps, you'd think they'd bring the stadium down, literally.

Antonio leaned against a tree trunk, and with his arms crossed in front of his chest, looked at the large screen of the stadium emotionless. On the screen, Park Shin Chun's concert promotion video by Flight Media was playing.

Antonio's stern face softened a little at memories from the old days. He still remembered the love stories between Richie, Shirley and Eric's father, Frank. Now, Brian and Eric were grown-ups.

Night gradually grew deeper while wild uproar, acclamation, and screams from fans ruled the sky from inside. Outside, only the dim yellow lights were dancing on the road.

Several strong men, dressed in black suits, shirts, and bla

something even more dangerous than this when I was young. Not just once. In my lifetime, I've faced far too many dangers. At first, I was very negative, but later I learned to stay positive about everything. For as long as there's hope, there is certainly a way. If you lose your faith, your chances are as good as gone."

The philosophical reflections in Shirley's simple words were comforting. At least they lifted Molly from her self-condemnation. Not knowing why, Molly felt at ease each time she was with Shirley. Even in this trying moment, it gave her the courage to keep her nerve.

"Rest assured. Antonio will find us very soon!"Shirley said winking her eyes. She wanted to say that her phone had GPS tracking, but suddenly remembered that she had left her phone in the restaurant.

"Aunt Shirley, what's up? Is something wrong?" sensing Shirley's sudden silence, Molly anxiously asked.

"No, nothing serious!" Shirley answered, trying to compose herself.

As soon as Shirley finished her words, they heard the unlocking sound of the door. Instinctively, they both looked towards the door as someone pushed it open.

And at that moment, a tall and heavyset man walked in. They couldn't quite see the man's face since he was standing with his back to the light. But they could feel the anger and malicious aura around him.

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