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   Chapter 120 Got Used to Being Kidnapped (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7169

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At the thought of it, Shirley immediately closed the photo and angrily threw her phone aside. She would forget her unhappiness as long as she didn't see his photo anymore.

"Aunt Shirley!"

A happy voice interrupted Shirley's thoughts. Shirley turned her head around and saw Molly waving at her. Molly nodded to the waiter and picked up her pace to Shirley's table. Cheerily, she greeted,"Hello, Aunt Shirley!"

"Little Molly, come! Sit here!" Molly's presence brought back the happy smile on Shirley's face. "Please have a seat," Shirley urged gently as she rang the bell, asking the waiter to take their orders.

Like Molly, Shirley also wasn't given to indulgent luxuries. So both of them placed simple orders and ate their food happily. According to Shirley, a shared meal was delicious, as long as you enjoyed the company with whomever you were having the meal. If she liked the person, even instant noodles would be a delicacy. Likewise, disagreeable company would turn the rarest delicacies to something unsavory.

"Little Molly, have you got a boyfriend?" squinting at Molly with a smile, Shirley asked. She got excited again as she remembered her question earlier when she asked where Molly was, and Molly answered that she was at home. Did she mean Brian's villa was her home?

Hearing Shirley's question, Molly paused in a daze. She shook her head and said,"No, not yet."

"I can't believe it. You are such a good girl! Is it true that you don't have a boyfriend?" Grabbing the fork in her hand, Shirley leaned towards Molly, eager to know the answer.

Molly grinned and shook her head.

"Oh, you're such a nice person. How much I hope that you can have a chance to get together with my son. I am sure you two will have a happy life!" Shirley said with a sincere look in her eyes.

Although this was only their second meeting, Shirley believed that Molly was the perfect match for Brian. Brian was a demon, and Molly was an angel. They would be just a match made in heaven!

At least, she thought that Molly was much better than Becky Yan. Although Becky also was good-looking and mannerly, still, not knowing why, Sh

ts, light boards..." Carefully checking all the items in their hands, Shirley nodded in satisfaction and said,"All complete!"

"Aunt Shirley, this is my first time ever to a concert. I am so excited!" unable to control her excitement, Molly yelped happily. She soon blended into the carnival atmosphere like a violin blending into brass in a symphony.

Shirley smiled at Molly's excited look, yet, a dash of bitterness flashed through her eyes. She suddenly thought of those difficult years when she was around Molly's age. At that time, every day, she had to wash a lot of plates and bowls in a smelly, narrow lane, while carrying Wing on her back. Her hands were sore and swollen - the effects of soaking in the water all day long. Despite the pains, she had no other option, seeing that she had to raise Wing by herself.

At that time, she had never expected that she would have the luck to find the most admirable love in the world. She was so fortunate to have owned Richie's love for her.

Looking at the increasing crowds of people outside the stadium, Antonio slightly furrowed his brows with worries and stared at the two women in front of him. They had only two tickets, which were initially for Shirley and Antonio. But now, due to Molly's appearance, he had no ticket to follow them in. He tried to buy one on the spot but failed, because Park Shin Chun was so popular now that his tickets were like gold dust.

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