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   Chapter 118 Being Lost (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6270

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Brian only allowed Molly to go out because he knew that she would be going to the concert with Shirley tonight. The concert would be over by 10:00 p.m., so Molly would be back home before 11:00.

Eric smirked. He knew how wise and crafty Brian was. He really liked to keep everything under his control.

But lately, Brian also seemed to allow Molly to do more and more things her way. Eric wondered how Brian would treat Molly and Becky after Becky's return.

Eric was a bit envious as he thought about it. When he entered the study, Brian was on the phone with someone.

"When will you come over?" Brian asked the person on the other end. He wore a relaxed, sly expression on his face. Those who knew Brian well knew that he only showed such expression when he talked to his family.

Eric sat down in the chair opposite to Brian, his legs crossed. He picked up a pen from the desk and fiddled with it. Without saying anything, he waited for Brian to hang up the call.

When Brian was done, Eric asked,"When is Uncle Richie coming over?" He was certain that it was Brian's father who had called him.

"After Shirley comes back from the concert," Brian replied in a nonchalant tone.

Eric shook his head, smiling. "I really feel sorry for Uncle Richie. He was so sulky, but he still let Shirley go to the concert to make her happy."

The corners of Brian's lips curved up slightly. He understood his father's affection for Shirley all too well.

"Have you made a decision regarding the matter at hand on QY Island?" Brian asked Eric, while calmly fixing his eyes on him.

Eric shrugged and said,"I think it is interesting. I want to give it a try."

"Aaron is a cunning man. So try to be careful and don't go too far or be reckless about it," Brian reminded him.

Eric crooked his eyebrows and said,"You already have everything in place for me in advance

d that people should always be hopeful about their future. She also told Molly,"If you have regrets about your past and can't do anything to change it, you should try to face it and accept whatever is thrown your way. Even if you get hurt again, you should never give up." Molly truly believed that Shirley's words made sense to her now more than ever.

The taxi came to a halt. Molly got out and stood in front of her house. She hadn't been back home for nearly a month. She was having mixed feelings about being back. Although she had met her mother and Daniel in the hospital, she still hesitated while she stood in front of her house. She didn't know what her mother had meant when she asked Molly to come back home, but this time Molly was there on her own terms and with a clear purpose.

Molly nervously grabbed the backpack tight and took a deep breath. She bit her lip anxiously and walked into the courtyard. She decided that today she would try her best to persuade her parents to leave A City.

As Molly stepped into the courtyard, a navy blue car slowly approached and rolled to a stop at the roadside not too far away. The man inside the car stared at Molly's back and slowly spoke on his phone,"When do I move in to take action?"

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