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   Chapter 117 Being Lost (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6829

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Lisa and Molly had been living together for almost a month. It was true that Lisa felt pity for Molly, but she liked her very much and was truly delighted to stay with her.

Molly furrowed her eyebrows slightly and her gaze involuntarily returned to the TV. Park Shin Chun was telling the reporter about matters related to his concert tour. The reporter went on to ask him whether he thought that Wing, who was going to hold her charity concert next week, would attract more attention from people than he did.

He looked straight at the camera and said," I don't think so. We work in different fields." He paused for a second and continued with a smile," I heard that Wing has already landed in A City. In fact, I would very much like to get in touch with her. Although we are immersed in different musical realms, our careers are still related to music."

The interviewer continued asking some other questions and Molly eventually looked away from Park Shin Chun's handsome face. Even though her eyes didn't leave the screen, she wasn't really looking at anything in particular. Her mind was filled with thoughts about Brian and Wing.

She had no idea what kind of affection Brian would show towards a woman he cared about. She wondered whether he was capable of loving a woman while being with another.

Having a pensive expression in her eyes, Molly was peeved at the thoughts she was having. She had been going through such emotions time and again for the past few days.

She remembered faintly hearing Brian call out her name before she had passed out yesterday. At that moment, he had sounded as worried as he had been in that dark room. She fainted soon after that and when she woke up the next morning, she immediately realized that Brian had left already. Disappointment struck Molly very hard when she felt his absence.

She lowered her head to the cup of milk in her hand and silently sipped from it.

She was exasperated with herself for being so silly. 'Brian just happened to appear when you needed his help. Why would

ous reply, Brian stared at Molly for a short while before he turned around and continued to go upstairs.

"I will be back late tonight," Molly spoke cautiously.


Molly's eyes opened wide at his reply. As he turned his back to her again, she was afraid that she had misheard him. "I said I would be back late tonight."

Brian stopped again, turned around and looked at Molly who was downstairs. He gave a quick blink and said coldly," You must come back before 11:00 in the evening."

Molly's eyes lit up in joy. She didn't expect that Brian would agree without questioning her. She had prepared some excuses in advance, but to her surprise, she didn't have to explain anything to him. She didn't care about why he would allow her to go out. Molly happily nodded and said," Okay!"

Brian was annoyed because of something that happened earlier, but somehow his bad mood dissipated after seeing Molly's smile.

He had no idea why she was so optimistic.

She was heartbroken and miserable only a little while back, but now she was excited and cheerful. It seemed like her sadness was forgotten just because Brian had allowed her to go out.

Brian quickly made his way to his study. He sat down wondering why he was so infatuated with Molly's smile.

After Eric witnessed the exchange between Brian and Molly, he followed Brian upstairs.

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