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   Chapter 116 Being Lost (Part One)

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The seemingly endless darkness of the evening was filled with an eerie silence. Grey clouds covered the sky, hiding the stars amid them.

Edgar stood, gazing out the window of his apartment, with one hand in his pocket. He didn't bother to turn the lights on and the darkness of the night engulfed his surroundings.

Jenifer trod towards him and glided her hands gently around his waist from behind. She was impatient and excited, and she was bursting to show her affection towards Edgar.

Edgar furrowed his eyebrows at the distraction. He tore his gaze away from the night sky and looked over his shoulder indifferently. Without looking at her, he calmly said," Jenifer, it's really late. You should go to bed."

"Why aren't you in bed?" Jenifer pressed her smooth face against Edgar's solid back. She closed her eyes and greedily inhaled his body aura.

With a morose expression, Edgar returned his attention to the dark sky once again. His demeanor seemed calm, but he was actually feeling as gloomy as the weather outside. His patience was running out, but maintaining his composure, he repeated," You should go to bed."

Jenifer pursed her lips, annoyed by the indifference in his attitude. When she opened her eyes, they were filled with dejection. But her vexed face was hidden by the dark of the room. She asked him cautiously," It looks like something is on your mind. Are you thinking about how to ban the casinos in A City?"

Edgar narrowed his eyes dangerously and spoke to her in a low voice," There is no need for you to meddle in my affairs."

Jenifer let go of Edgar and walked around to face him. Edgar wasn't a very handsome man, but he possessed a unique charm which attracted others towards him. When he was a boy, he was the most attractive one within the military compound, and all the girls, older or younger, were mesmerized by his looks.

Since Jenifer and Edgar seemed to be a good match for each other and because their families were of equal social status with a good relationship, most people who knew them

city was shrouded in mist.

However, the bad weather did nothing to restrain the enthusiasm of the fervent fans. The news that Park Shin Chun's concert would be held at the Star Public Stadium that night was displayed on all of the screens throughout the shopping malls in A City. The famous superstar that he was, Park Shin Chun had thousands of fans ranging from eight to sixty years old. A previous survey showed that according to women of all ages, he was the perfect picture of their ideal man and he was also the one whom most of the women wanted to sleep with.

Molly watched the Star Entertainment's reporter interviewing Park Shin Chun on the television. She thought he had a handsome face and an attractive smile to go with it. He calmly answered the reporter's questions. Although he stood alone, people would abruptly be absorbed into an illusion that he had more than one shadow, making him very alluring indeed.

"He is very handsome!" Lisa placed a cup of tea and some dessert on the table and glanced at the TV which Molly was watching intently. "But not as much as Mr. Long and his father!"

Molly diverted her gaze from the TV and looked at Lisa. Lisa nodded earnestly and said with a soft smile," Miss Xia, I know you haven't seen Mr. Long's father, but since Mr. Long is so good-looking, you can easily guess how handsome his father is."

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