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   Chapter 115 A Warm Embrace (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6440

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Hearing what Shirley said, Molly grinned with pleasure. All of a sudden, the sadness in her mind vanished completely. Although she had no idea about what kind of person Aunt Shirley was, she was sure that she must have been a lovely girl when she was young since she had remained broad-minded and optimistic until now.

Molly replied politely,"Yes. Thank you!" For some reason, her nose twitched and tears filled her eyes. She didn't know why, but she wanted to cry right there quite a lot. When she heard what Shirley said, she felt touched and moved, even jealous! It seemed like she had never been cared for by others.

But, both her father and mother were alive. Why did she always feel that she should not exist?

Why should she be the person condemned for the accident of her mother and downhill of her father?

Finally, the hot tears that she had been trying to prevent from falling, rolled down from her eyes, and slowly soaked into the pillow cover. Aunt Shirley kept telling her the precautions that she didn't know before and she listened carefully with a big smile.

She had been young once, discussing stars with classmates. It was like the things had happened yesterday. And she was still young enough to be merry, but she had forgotten it because of the heavy burden during these years.

All of a sudden, her thoughts were shattered by the sound of the door opening. A tension developed in the air right away and Molly felt it, and went short of breath.

Molly hurriedly told Shirley through the phone,"Okay, I get it. Tomorrow....I will be there on time....Yeah, I'm sorry, I have to hang up the phone. See you!"

Hearing her flustered breath and watching her shivering hands both of which had exposed her thoughts at this moment, Brian frowned and walked towards her slowly and gracefully. He didn't need to ask her to know who she was talking to. Obviously, it would have been Shirley, his mother,

me telling you I hate woman crying?" Brian said in a cold voice when he felt the warm and wet tears on his neck. In fact, he shouted at her just because he didn't want to see her crying.

Hearing what he said, Molly bit her lips, wiped her tears hurriedly and then loosened her hands around his waist right away. The movement was too violent, she felt a blow on her spinning head. Everything before her eyes went dark briefly and she nearly slumped to the ground in a faint. Luckily, she just lost her balance, and merely staggered back for several steps.

Seeing this scene, Brian's face turned black. A feeling of being left out replaced the former complicated feeling when Molly had loosened her hands. Then he asked coldly but impatiently,"I asked you to return to the villa yesterday. Nobody would have had the nerve to do this to you in the manor house of Mr. Song. Where the hell did you go last night?"

"I…I...." Molly stammered. Molly frowned and strenuously flapped her eyelashes as Brian's face had become increasingly shadowy in her eyes. All of a sudden, she completely lost her strength, and then fell to the bed.


She heard a low scream full of worry and rage before she lost her consciousness. Somehow the feeling of supreme warmth came over her.

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