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   Chapter 113 A Warm Embrace (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6241

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"Brian, don't leave me.... Don't.... Mom.... Don't..... Don't lock me in.... I know it's my fault.... Oh.... Brian...."

Molly kept crying and mumbling in the dark, small room, extremely frightened and desperate.

"Please don't leave me.... Oh...." With her eyes closed tightly, Molly cried and cried. The fear that the darkness had instilled in her just now had tensed her nerves to the maximum, which was about to result in a very serious nervous breakdown at any time.

"Molly Xia? Molly...."

a heavy and anxious voice came out from outside. But Molly didn't hear it. Mentally and emotionally, she was trapped in a giant abyss of despair and she couldn't climb out of it no matter how much she tried. She simply couldn't think straight!

Clang! The gate was suddenly opened from the outside and a beam of light shone into the dark room. At the same time, a low but worried voice came,"Molly Xia!"

"Please don't leave me.... I'm really scared.... Brian, help! Please...." Please don't leave me...."

Molly was choked up but still kept mumbling. All of a sudden, her arms were pulled by someone and the next minute, she was dragged into a very strong embrace, which was familiar, comfortable and warm so that she firmly grasped the person's clothes.

Molly closed her eyes with tears on her face. She wept in the familiar embrace and then mumbled, choking with sobs,"Edgar, oh, Edgar.... Edgar...."

Brian had an intention to hug her tight, but he stopped himself after he heard what she had said. His eyes delved deeper and darker when he stared at her coldly. At that moment, both of his eyes were full of rage and danger.

"Brian, don't leave me...."

All of a sudden, a low but clear voice came into his ears. Molly grasped his clothes tighter and put her face against his chest. Shivering with fear, she repeated his name over and over again.

ny said. "Mr. Long, should we keep tracing?" he asked for instructions.

"No," Brian replied shortly. He hung up the phone and then looked down at Molly who kept gripping his clothes tightly as if he was the only log that she found and could help her out of the deep sea of sadness and despair.

Apparently, the people who had taken Molly were familiar to Molly so they didn't really hurt her. But why had they locked her in a confined house without any light?

If Brian was right, Molly might be suffering from claustrophobia and they knew it so they took advantage of her sickness.

With piercing eyes which sharply squinted on the livid face, Brian pressed his lips and then asked,"Was Eric talking with you just now?"

"Yes!" Tony replied respectfully. "It looked like he was there for Miss Xia."

Tony didn't tell Brian that Eric had called him before Eric was there.

"Eric has spent too much time on Molly. He does care about Molly!" Brian said in a cold voice.

Hearing this, Tony didn't say a word.

A dead silence enveloped the car. Nobody talked again. They didn't arrive at the villa until it was three o'clock in the morning. John frowned slightly when he opened the door and saw Brian holding Molly in his arms.

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