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   Chapter 112 Despair, She Had Claustrophobia (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7225

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The cigarette burned itself out and hurt Brian's fingers a little bit. Slightly frowning, Brian stood up and snuffed it out in the ashtray. Then, he said coldly,"Check and see where Molly is!"

"Yes, Mr. Long!" Tony answered affirmatively and then marched towards the door.

As Tony was closing the door, he was surprised to see the look of anxiety on Brian's face.


Lenny drove the car around the city endlessly and from time to time, she took a glance at Eric, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Finally, she couldn't bear it and asked impatiently,"Young Master, do you plan on hanging out on the streets for the whole night?"

Squinting at Lenny, Eric made no response and went on to look out of the car window.

His heart felt uneasy after he left Mr. Song's manor. He couldn't help himself but he kept on reading Molly's message again and again and each time he read it, his heart ached terribly. Then, he recalled the sound that he had heard from the lounge...

Lowering his eyes, Eric stared at the phone screen again. The urge to read the message took control of him again...

All of a sudden, Lenny stepped hard on the brake and stopped the car on the roadside. Her charming face became stern and she said,"Young Master, you focus too much on Molly Xia."

Eric lifted his gaze, grinned playfully and said,"Because she is the woman that Brian cares about!"

"Really? And is that all there is to it?" With a serious look, Lenny looked at Eric and added,"Even for Miss Yan, you've never been this focused with her!"

"Oh? I haven't?" Eric raised his brows, supported his one arm on the seat, propping up his chin, and looked at Lenny with an evil grin, while he said slowly,"Lenny, you've worked for me for so many years, so you know what I'm thinking, right?"

Lenny's heart trembled with fear, yet, she didn't show it on her face. She kept her indifferent look and said slowly,"Young Master, I'm your shadow, so I always notice and am concerned with everything about you."

With a naughty smile, and a meaningful look in his eyes, Eric said casually,"Lenny, if I call Little Molly now, do you think Brian will get angry with m

to breathe. It was a different case from the last time that she was kidnapped by Tyler. Last time, her eyes were covered so she could see nothing, but she could feel the light around her. When the cloth was pulled off, she could see the bright room. But this time, it was totally dark in the room.

Molly swallowed. The great fear gradually crept across her face. Instantly, she closed her eyes and covered her ears with her hands. The fear throttled her, making her suffocate. She felt like falling sharply into a deep abyss.


She couldn't bear the horror anymore and screamed at the top of her lungs, in despair. The scream echoed around the dark and confined room.


Brian Long, where are you? Ah... please save me! No, no... I don't want to stay here... Brian Long! Brian! Where are you?"

Her body shivered; her eyes were closed as tight as she could; and tears uncontrollably poured down her cheeks. The screams and wails pierced through the darkness. Gradually, her voice became hoarse and low, and in the end, she was exhausted and could only sob and weep.

With her hands still covering her ears, Molly buried her head between her legs and mumbled,"Brian, please, don't throw me away... please... don't..."

When Molly was mumbling Brian's name, suddenly, a huge bang was heard from the door. Then, a beam of light pierced in the dark house, and right then, a low and worried voice came,"Molly!"

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