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   Chapter 111 Despair, She Had Claustrophobia (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7678

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"Jenifer Zeng, where are you taking me?" Molly frowned as she looked at Jenifer Zeng, the woman walking in front of her and wearing an elegant fur coat. Again, she wondered what a day she had had. Was it a good day for all of these reunions? She had met all those wanted, unwanted, expected, and unexpected people today!

Jenifer stopped and looked at Molly. She was radiating a graceful aura with every move she made. As she walked towards Molly, she said,"Molly, long time no see. Why do you look so glum to meet an old friend?"

Molly's face grew even colder. She had already been through a lot in the last few days. Especially earlier tonight, Brian had sex with her at the lounge of the manor, and then Edgar said all those tender and warm words to her. All of them were driving her mad and just when she thought she could be free of it all, she was so unfortunate to have bumped into this woman.

"Jenifer Zeng, we were never friends!" Molly snorted and said. "Just tell me what you want to say. Be honest. Stop wearing that deceiving look in front of me."

With a sensual smile and her eyes slightly bent, Jenifer stopped. Jenifer was never counted as a beautiful woman but she had good facial features and dressed up in a fashionable way, which made her look alluring.

Glancing at Molly, Jenifer smiled scornfully and said,"Molly Xia, do you know how much trouble you've caused Edgar? He infuriated my grandfather because of you and your father that year, thus making him take a discursive course in his career. And now, are you going to pester him again? Are you going to affect his future career as an official again?"

Confused, Molly paused for a moment and asked,"What did you mean? How did Edgar infuriate Major General Zeng because of me?"

"So you really did know nothing about it!" Jenifer Zeng sneered. "Do you really think that the matter with your father ended easily just like that? You really are dumb. For your sake, Edgar accepted my grandfather's demand and joined the Wolf SWAT Team. Do you know how he lived through these years? And how much pain and suffering he had endured?"

In a state of shock, Molly just stared at Jenifer. A surge of fear wrapped her heart. She had always doubted why her father's event could be solved so easily, after all the wrong h

an evil grin, Jenifer kept walking until she reached the end of the path, and turned around to look into the distance. When she saw Molly still standing there, she took out her phone as she smiled coldly. She got into her car, and instructed the person at the other end of the line,"Just teach her a little lesson. Don't overdo it..."

Then, Jenifer hung up the phone, started the engine and left the manor.

The winter night was deep and dead with silence, especially Brian's villa on top of the mountains.

The whole villa was enveloped with darkness. Only the glimmer of the lamppost pierced through the windows.

With a cigarette nipped between his fingers, Brian silently sat on the sofa. Smoke blew as the cigarette slowly burned itself. A cloud of white smoke swirled in the air, covering his cold and handsome face.

His mouth closed, and his eyes were as deep and dark as a black hole, swallowing everything around him.

Tony was still standing silently at the corner and, with his brows furrowing, he stared at Brian.

They had come back to the villa after they drove Wing back to the hotel. And since arriving, Mr. Long had not moved an inch on the sofa.

Tony didn't know what had happened at Mr. Song's party. He initially thought that Mr. Long would go to the hospital after the party, but he came straight back into the villa. Tony thought it might be because Molly had returned to the villa. However, when they returned, they couldn't find any trace of Molly anywhere. The house was empty and silent.

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