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   Chapter 110 Despair, She Had Claustrophobia (Part One)

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A gust of cold wind blew over Molly, and she shivered as the wind passed, coming back to her senses.

Startled, Molly drew her hand back from Edgar's big palms as she asked," Do you have anything to tell me?"

Her sudden aloof voice upset Edgar Gu. His eyes went gloomy but was soon concealed, and he said," I just want to check up on you, to see if everything is going well with you."

Molly smiled bitterly and bluntly replied," Mr. Mayor, you should have already noticed how I am doing now. Isn't it clear? So why bother asking?"

"Molly, what did you just call me?" Edgar frowned as he heard Molly call him Mr. Mayor. Coming from Molly, those two words suddenly became unpleasant to hear.

Looking up, Molly saw the anger on Edgar's face. In her thoughts, she mocked herself but remained calm and said," Mr. Mayor, you are the mayor here. Is it wrong for me to call you Mr. Mayor out of respect?"

Edgar stared at Molly intensely. Molly, the girl who used to hide herself behind him when they were little. She was the shy and timid girl who always wanted someone to be her friend but had no courage to talk to anyone. "My status doesn't matter. I'm still and will forever be your Edgar!"

Moving his gaze away from Molly, Edgar bellowed in a cold and unhappy voice," Molly, you should know that I'll never look down on you!"

"Then why did you talk about me like that the other day?" Molly burst out her question without hesitation but soon regretted it right after she had finished her words. Ashamed, her face flushed bright red. She felt that she was a bad woman and wanted to defend herself.

With a sympathetic look, Edgar kept his eyes on Molly. His heart ached for her. As an ambitious man, Edgar had already seen the dark side of the military and politics in order to achieve power. He had advanced quickly in his career and managed to become the mayor of A City in such a short amount of time. He had been exposed to the corruption and darkness of society. Molly was just one of the many cases

r. Song has already gone to bed. Shall we take our leave now?" Bill Li approached Edgar and asked.

Edgar nodded. Mr. Song was already old and couldn't bear to be stressed over all this commotion. He had just shown up for a while to meet with some guests and let his men handle the rest.

Bill pulled the car over and Edgar got in. As he sat in the back seat, Edgar looked out of the car window, holding a gleam of hope of getting a glimpse of Molly. However, even after arriving at the gate of the manor, he still didn't get the slightest trace of Molly anywhere.

Disappointment colored his face. He wondered why Molly would go back on foot. Even if Brian Long didn't keep her company, he should've arranged a car to drive her home.

Edgar mocked himself. He didn't have the time nor the freedom to think about love. He shouldered his clan's expectation of him. After reorganizing the government system and cracking down on the black market in A City, he would be transferred to work at the State Parliament. He had to keep a wary eye on his job and maintain extreme vigilance at all times.

Edgar leaned back and closed his eyes to have a moment's rest. Around the time as his car drove out of the manor's huge gate, on the other side of the manor, Molly was walking towards a narrow path together with a magnificently dressed woman.

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