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   Chapter 109 Heaven And Hell (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6063

Updated: 2019-01-19 00:59

Swallowing hard, Molly picked up her purse from the floor and walked out of the room. She didn't feel the pain all over her body until now. Walking in the hallway silently and slowly, She was so tired that she didn't notice someone was watching her behind in the dark.

Molly took out her cell phone and texted Eric, pretending that she didn't know that he stood outside the room earlier and saying that she had gone home early because she wasn't feeling very well.

A stiff smile slowly appeared on Eric's face when he read Molly's message. He felt the needles sticking in his heart again, and wondered whether he had crossed the line this time. Anyhow, he didn't have any problem with Molly. This was an unresolved problem between Brian and him. Long before both their parents got married, both Eric's father and Brian's father had fallen in love with the same woman, Brian's mother. But somehow along the way, Eric's father had had to give her up. Eric thought that it might have been the reason why he wanted to disrupt what Brian and Molly were doing in the lounge, but it had nothing to do with Molly.

Brian and Wing left after Brian had found her waiting in the banquet hall. But before that, Brian and Eric had looked at each other for a second without saying anything, and they seemed to have sent each other a message through it.

Meanwhile, Eric sent back a text to Molly, saying that it was okay. Then, he walked out of the manor as well and drove home alone.

He knew that Molly wouldn't want to see him right now. Perhaps, they would run into each other tomorrow, but Eric knew that Molly would try to keep her dignity tonight.

Laughing at himself, Eric couldn't believe that he would consider her feelings.

He pressed the accelerator until the engine screamed as he tried to leave everyt

Growing up from a family of military men, he had always been expected to follow the footsteps and thrive and stand out on the same path. For generations, his family members would devote themselves to the army. He had lived up to everyone's expectation, made a name for himself in the military, and now had achieved such an important position.

Molly had always known that they had been living in different worlds since they were young. But now, the gap had gotten wider.

The last thing he had done for her and her family was help them move out of the military compound before he left. That was also the reason why they hadn't seen each other for so many years even if she wanted to see him again so badly. But now, everything had changed. She couldn't be with him as she did in the past.

Molly kept her gaze at his hands which were holding hers. She had a mixed feeling of fear and sadness, and felt at a loss.

The party in the banquet hall was still going on, but it seemed that both of them had forgotten all about it. They just sat there, holding hands, as if time had stopped and neither of them wanted to ruin this moment.

But unknown to them, someone had been watching them in the dark.

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