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   Chapter 108 Heaven And Hell (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6549

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"Umm," said Wing in reply, then she walked towards the restroom.

After Wing had left, Eric leaned against the wall and looked at the door of the lounge with his hands in his pockets. He couldn't stop smiling, thinking that Molly must be like a cat on hot bricks right now.

He was so busy messing with Brian and Molly that he didn't even notice that he actually felt a little upset about it.

"Brian, you're a monster!" Molly said in a very faint voice, with teeth clenched. She knew exactly what Brian was trying to do. Since he knew for sure that Molly wouldn't allow herself to make any noise, he was doing everything to turn her on and make her moan. He felt pleased to see her gasp for breath carefully.

"Monster?" asked Brian in her ear. He appeared to be enjoying the moment very much. Calling him "monster" under this circumstance made him excited and thrilled. "Yes, let the monster show you how it feels to be in heaven and hell at the same time."

Molly didn't quite understand what Brian was talking about. But before she could even reply, she soon understood what he meant as he started to kiss and fondle her body gently. Biting her earlobes, fondling her bosom, stroking her back, holding her against him closely, Molly almost screamed because of what Brian was doing to her. She had to bite her lips to keep herself from shouting and her reaction made Brian utterly satisfied. Looking straight into her eyes, Brian smiled lightly at her with eyes dark with passion.

Molly tried very hard to keep her breathing normal, but she felt it impossible to ignore what he was doing to her. She could feel his hands traveling and touching the most sensitive parts of her body. Her reason vanished; nothing remained but instinct. Soft moans escaped her lips without her noticing. Closing her eyes, she finally understood what he meant by "feels like to be in heaven and hell at the same time".

She felt like hell knowing that Eric was just st

piercing in his heart. Though he wouldn't say that it was painful to hear those sounds, it was surely uncomfortable.

He hated this kind of feeling. He didn't want to be the one to step aside when it came to love, as his father had done. He just couldn't bear the way that Brian had been treating Molly. Even if Brian loved her, he couldn't guarantee her happiness. Besides, Brian might have not even fallen in love with her. Though everyone should try to let his or her loved one be happy, no one could assure another person's happiness.

In the lounge, Molly was pretending to be calm and fixed herself up while Brian gazed at her. She was trying to keep her dignity by acting like nothing had happened. Since she was wearing a tube top dress, she couldn't hide the hickeys on her neck and chest. Picking up the shawl on the floor, she put it around her neck carefully to cover the marks.

Brian had finished fixing himself up. Although Molly had explained it to him that the dress was designed that way, he got angry again when he saw Molly in that silk dress with nothing underneath. "Don't go to the hospital after the ball. Go straight back to the villa," Brian ordered firmly.

Molly nodded without saying a word.

He took a look at her once again before opening the door and walking away.

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