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   Chapter 106 No Underwear (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7089

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"Eric, I wanna leave this place, " Molly said in a low voice. She really couldn't stay there anymore since she was very upset by the oppressive atmosphere.

However, Eric clearly knew Molly's feeling. He whispered in Molly's ear, "I will say goodbye to Mr. Song after the dance is over. Then we shall leave. Okay?"

What Eric said was reasonable, so Molly nodded, but her lips were pursed. She also looked at Eric, hoping to get an affirmative answer.

Eric held Molly's hand with his large palm and nodded with a smile.

Molly felt relieved. After taking a glance at Mr. Song who looked like a young man and Wing who moved like a flying butterfly, Molly turned to look at Eric and said, "I want to go to the bathroom."

"Do I need to go with you?" Eric asked.

Molly shook her head and replied, "I can ask a waiter to lead me there."

Eric didn't insist on going with her and said, "I'll wait for you here!"

Molly nodded and turned around to leave. After asking a waiter about the location of the bathroom, Molly left the noisy place and walked towards it alone.

Standing in front of the mirror, Molly stared at herself. She was wearing light make-up, with her hair loose around her shoulders, and was wearing an expensive silver fox fur cape with a yellow close-fitting dress underneath. What she looked like now was totally different from what she used to be. She was just a miserable Cinderella without her pumpkin carriage and everything she owned could disappear at any time.

Molly gazed at herself in the mirror for a long while and couldn't help but compare herself with Wing. She got annoyed and shook her head, trying to stop thinking about that.

What was the relationship between Brian and Wing? What did it have to do with her? Why should she care? 'Molly, remember your identity, ' she said to herself.

After taking a deep breath, Molly drew her gaze away and then walked out of the bathroom. She walked with her head drooped, but her wrist was suddenly gripped by a large hand after she had taken just a few steps. Then without saying anything, Brian quickly drew her away.

Molly r

w could he do such a thing to her there? Others could come there at any time. She would never do such a thing with him there.

After he touched and pinched her body, he released her from his grip. Then he looked at her in surprise and said in a cold voice, "You aren't wearing any underwear underneath the dress? "

Molly, who was about to push him away, was stunned by his words and blushed.

With a straight face, Brian said, "You dressed up this sexily. Who did you want to seduce?"

"I didn't want to seduce any one!" With a bright red face, Molly explained, "The styling designer of this dress told me that I shouldn't wear any underwear..."

Molly suddenly stopped speaking and stared at him in fear. When she looked him in the eye, she was so frightened that she even forgot to breathe.

Brian removed the silver fox fur cape from Molly and rudely unzipped her dress. All of a sudden, the dress dropped from her body and she was exposed in front of Brian.

Molly felt very cold and went pale. She wanted to pick up the dress, but Brian kept pressing her against the door very hard. He glanced at the nude bra with anger flashing in his eyes.

At that moment, Eric's voice came from outside, "You can rest in this room. I am going to look for Brian and Molly."

"Okay, " Wing replied casually.

Their voice and footsteps gradually got close to the room. Suddenly, Molly went deathly pale.

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