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   Chapter 105 No Underwear (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7691

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Eric selected some dishes casually, looking like a naughty young boy. After a short while, his plate was filled with a lot of food, but he still glanced around for more. "It'd make me glad to know that she is fine. You know that I never refuse her requests. Now that she has told me not to go look for her, I won't do that."

While speaking, Eric was about to pick up a Schwarzwalder cake, but he suddenly found that there was a mousse cake on his plate. He looked at Brian with confusion. "Molly might not like to eat such sweet food."

Brian glanced at him and coldly said, "You're really interested in her lately!"

"Am I?" Eric raised his eyebrows and said. "Molly is nice and interesting. She looks weak and timid, but she is very cute and attractive when she gets angry. I find that I like her very much."

With moroseness gleaming in his eyes, Brian said in a cold voice, "Do you just find her interesting, or do you just want to figure out how much she means to me?"

"What do you think?" Eric wore a mischievous smile on his face.

Instead of replying, Brian asked, "You weren't about to come today, right?"

Eric raised his eyebrows haughtily and said, "Are you afraid that I will take her away from you?"

Although they both ignored the questions and said other things, they both knew what each other meant. Perhaps they understood each other very well, or perhaps they had been competing against each other for a long time.

"Eric, I just treat her as a plaything. I only love Becky!" After finishing speaking, Brian made his way to the rest area with the plate in his hands.

Eric shrugged while glaring at Brian's back. Raising a corner of his lips, he muttered, "I'll verify whether she is just your plaything or something more!"

Eric picked up a Schwarzwalder cake and also walked towards the rest area.

Wing and Molly were chatting casually. Since she saw that Wing and Brian were in a close relationship, Molly felt embarrassed and guilty. She thought that she was just a shameless mistress. So she restlessly talked with Wing. Her inferiority complex and unease made her feel very nervous and scared.

Wing, on the other hand, wanted to figure out what Molly had to do with Brian and Eric. However, when she saw Molly was as upset as a frightened rabbit, she f

have a good relationship with Edgar and he even despised her, her longing for him over the last several years ran through her mind whenever she saw him, which made her feel sad and dejected.

With a sly smile on his face, Eric had only intended to annoy his brother. However, at this moment, he found out that there were more interesting things in the world!

Brian looked more morose with a livid face when he saw Molly, who was sitting beside Eric, fix her eyes on Edgar recklessly. But he didn't try to figure out why he was angry about this matter.

It was about 8:00 in the evening, and the lights in the spacious room suddenly dimmed. Only a beam of bright light shone in the middle of the room. The emcee made the opening remarks with a smile. Then Mr. Song said a few words and announced that the party would now start.

Wing agreed to dance with him during the opening show. When people saw a young lady and the old gentleman dancing happily, they were amused by them and couldn't stop laughing.

Brian put one hand in his pocket, and his gaze was glued on Wing. But at the same time, he was glancing sideways at Molly who was standing beside Eric.

"Mr. Mayor, is she Miss Xia?" Bill pointed at Molly, without a lollipop in his mouth this time.

In fact, Edgar had already seen her earlier. He had wondered why she was with Eric this time. Now that he was on this special occasion and Brian was also there, he didn't focus his attention on her. But he was planning to catch a chance to meet and talk with her.

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