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   Chapter 104 No Underwear (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7359

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Wearing a black, tailored business suit with a white shirt underneath, Brian went inside arm in arm with Wing who was wearing a pink dress. They weren't dressed up to the nines deliberately, but they were bound to attract everyone's attention. This wasn't merely because they were quite good-looking, but also because they enjoyed a very high social status.

"Hey, look at that! Wing has come here too..."

"Why is she with Mr. Long?"

"Beats me! I don't know why either!"

Puzzled, the people around them kept talking.

Perhaps it was due to her fear, but whatever be the case, Molly forgot all reactions. She just slowly maneuvered through the crowd, following Brian and Wing. Her face was gradually going paler and paler which could be seen even with her light make-up on it.

With a mischievous gleam in his eyes, Eric held Molly's shoulder tightly as though he was encouraging her to pluck up her courage and not be scared.

Molly gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. With eyelashes slightly trembling, she swallowed hard. Eric held her even more tightly. Then she turned her head and looked at Eric's dark eyes, closing her lips slightly and trying to hold back her restlessness and fear.

Arm in arm, Wing and Brian went inside and walked towards Mr. Song guided by the waiter. On the way, Wing calmly smiled back at others who stared at Brian and her with admiration. Since she had been through a lot, she had become a steady and calm person. Besides, Brian was with her now, so she was inevitably going to be at the receiving end of people's attention.

Brian seemed indifferent and calm. No one dared to get closer to him because of his aloof face. He looked towards Mr. Song. After he glanced sideways at Eric and Molly, he drew his gaze away indifferently as though they weren't important.

When Wing saw Eric, a gleam shone in her eyes. But when she noticed Molly who stood beside Eric, she slightly furrowed her eyebrows and took a quick look at Brian, confused.

She remembered that Molly was the one who was wearing Brian's suit coat at the dessert shop that day. And now she wondered why Molly was with Eric.

After a cursory glance at Wing, Brian calmly walked

e walked towards the buffet, completely ignoring Eric.

Eric touched his nose and followed him.

Both Brian and Eric were remarkably handsome. One was busy influencing and leading the development of A City, while the other would go on and become the CEO of the Dragon Empire Group in the future. When they stood together, they attracted everyone's attention. The men were jealous of them, while the women wanted to hook up with them.

No matter what their purposes, everyone hoped to make their acquaintances. But before they got a chance to get close to the two men, they got afraid of Brian's glance and didn't dare to approach them.

A City was different from other cities and the casinos there were legal. The places where they were situated were evil and always remained restless. Most of the people present there were business men, and some were also affiliated to crime families. Almost everyone from every field knew Brian. Being extremely mature for his age, Brian was an outstanding, powerful man, and no one dared to stand against him.

Since he was so mysterious, bossy and aloof, a number of rich ladies were attracted to him. When they saw him come inside arm in arm with Wing, they were very envious of Wing. Now they were even more jealous as they saw him fetch food for Wing earnestly.

"You seem to care less and less about Becky these days!" Brian calmly picked up a matcha mousse cake and placed it on the plate, while glancing at Eric.

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