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   Chapter 103 The Banquet, Where Nightmare Began (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6920

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When Eric's car stopped outside the manor, a waiter came and opened the car doors for them. Eric gave his car keys to the waiter to have the car parked. Then, he walked to Molly's side, stretched out his arm and, wearing a playful smile on his face, beckoned her to hold his arm.

But Molly didn't budge as she was hesitating. Baffled, she looked at Eric's arm and then looked at his eyes.

Ignoring her embarrassment, Eric grabbed her arm and wrapped it around his own. Raising his brows towards Molly, he said like a naughty boy, "You're my female companion tonight. Do you mean to walk in separated ways with me?"

Without giving Molly the chance to say anything back, Eric had already pulled her to walk inside the manor.

As they walked through the crowd of people, Molly saw a lot of beautiful and elegant women and all kinds of celebrities there. Gradually, a sense of inferiority rose in her heart. She nervously gnawed on her lower lip and clenched her hands.

Eric seemed to have sensed her nervousness. He gently pinched her cold hand and, slightly furrowing his brows, he said in an attractive voice, "As long as you are confident in and of yourself, you will be the focus of this party. Do you understand?"

Molly looked towards him and saw the serious and affirmative look in his eyes. She slightly pursed her lips together which were painted with pink lipstick, and nodded her head.

Smiling, Eric held Molly's hand even tighter and urged, "Hurry up. It's so cold outside!"

Rubbing Molly's cold hands to give her warmth, Eric picked up his pace and walked toward the hall.

Molly suddenly felt warm and moved by Eric's care for her. Although he could be very annoying at times, he was considerate enough to make her feel moved. He always showed his care in a casual way. And those things might be insignificant to other people, but to Molly, it was already a big enough gesture to show his care for her.

As soon as they entered the hall, a surge of warm air blew over them, keeping them away from the cold outside.

Eric's and Molly's pr

ead to look towards him, and right then, Eric also turned his head to wink at her.

Eric meant to signal Molly with his eyes, asking her to stop blurting out the truth. However, in Mr. Song's eyes, he thought that the couple were flirting with each other. So he immediately burst into laughter and said, "Boy, I am so glad that you finally stop playing around and have a girlfriend now. This is the best present you gave me today."

Keeping his hand on Molly's shoulder, Eric went on to talk with Mr. Song some more.

Eric was wearing a calm face, however, Molly felt so uneasy, because she could feel the envious and sharp glances from the other women in the hall. Discreetly peeking at the people around her, Molly could see the great fury in them.

Frightened by these sharp glances, Molly felt out of breath. She wanted to struggle out of Eric's arms, but whenever she budged even a little bit, Eric would imperiously hold her even tighter.

Suddenly, she heard a commotion from the door, as if someone's presence had caused an uproar among the guests.

Mr. Song and Eric stopped their conversation and looked towards the door. Molly also curiously shifted her eyes towards the door. However, upon seeing the person coming in the hall, Molly tensed up and her heart started beating rapidly. She felt like she couldn't breathe properly now and started to black out.

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