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   Chapter 102 The Banquet, Where Nightmare Began (Part Two)

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"Yes!" Zack answered. "At first, only some of the local enterprises were interested in biding for that land. But then, since the Shen Group joined the open tender, more and more companies have shown interest in buying it as well. Then much to our surprise, the Dragon Empire Group started to join in the bidding recently. They did not show much interest in it before."

"Anyway, it's a good thing to have more companies to bid against that land. The price would be much higher than expected," said Edgar. Resting his arm on the armrest, he propped his chin up with the other, and fixated his eyes on the list of names of the bidding enterprises. He slightly grinned and said,"A ruined land has now become a great treasure. The government's revenue will increase much more than expected this year."

"Full credits should go to you, Mr. Mayor!" Zack Wang exclaimed, immediately complimenting Edgar.

Frowning, Edgar raised his head and cast a sharp glance at Zack. "My credit?" he asked. "I've just come to assume office in A City. Why is it all my contribution?"

Zack got nervous with Edgar's sharp glance. Dumbfounded, he wasn't able to utter a single word of reply. Then, lucky for him, his phone rang and saved him. While he was secretly thanking the caller in his mind, he apologized to Edgar and answered the phone right away. Zack listened to the person reporting to him on the phone, and then his face suddenly went pale with shock. Hanging up the phone, he shifted his gaze towards Edgar, meeting his sharp eyes. He swallowed a bit and reported slowly,"Mr. Mayor, the stock market closed just now and the Shen Group's stock price fluctuated sharply! It was still steadily rising up this morning, but it suddenly dropped down the limit when the stock market closed."

Edgar narrowed his eyes as he listened to Zack's report. It was very unusual. It was simply impossible for a big group's stock price to drop down the limit all of a sudden. Not while the company's business was still running smoot

ently smoothened the strands of hair near her ears. His gesture gave Molly a sense of attraction, comfort, and relief.

Suddenly, Molly felt much more relaxed after Eric's comfort. She tilted her head and smiled at Eric, her pair of pure eyes sparkling with a cunning light.

Seeing the look in Molly's eyes, Eric was fascinated for a moment. He felt like his heart was struck by something. Discreetly furrowing his brows, he kept his smile and moved his eyes away, falling into deep thoughts.

Then he steadily drove the car towards Mr. Song's manor.

Mr. Song's large manor was located in the northeastern district of A City, occupying a large area of land that connected the suburb and the urban area. It was the base area for Mr. Song's gang when he was young. Then, after he had successfully laundered his money and made his assets become legitimate, he had been living in this manor ever since.

The inside of the manor was now well-decorated with multi-colored lights, illuminating the winter night. A lot of luxurious cars had crammed the parking lot. And everywhere in the manor were a lot of well-dressed, upper class men and women walking around. It showed Mr. Song's honorable status in A City. Even if he had already washed his hands of the gangland for so many years, he still owned a very respected position there.

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