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   Chapter 100 An Inescapable Destiny (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5905

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That spoke volumes. Edgar fixed his complicated gaze on Brian while he said those words. Obviously, it implied someone in particular.

Brian knew what he meant, so he responded quickly in a cold voice but still with a poker face, "Sharp and perceptive. No wonder you are the best in the Wolf SWAT Team."

What Brian said was also full of implication. Then putting his arms around Wing, Brian left the hall together with her.

Edgar stared at their retreating figure until Brian and Wing were out of sight. Then, he gazed at the piano on the stage with his sharp eyes while still wearing the polite smile on his face.

All of a sudden, Bill said in a firm voice, "Mr. Mayor, that woman means a lot to Mr. Long." Bill nodded several times to convince Edgar of that.

The look in Edgar's eyes seemed to become colder. He remarked while walking, "Explain clearly and get ready for the concert. Inform the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Tourist Bureau, and the Police Station of the meeting. The joint performance of Wing and Spark will be a spectacular attraction around the world. It means a lot to A City and I hope to enhance our prestige in the world through this concert."

"Yes, Mr. Mayor, " answered Bill simply with a lollipop in his mouth, and then followed Edgar's steps as both of them left the hall. All of a sudden, a man in working clothes came out from an obscure corner. The man looked at the glimmering entrance with two dark eyes and the corners of his mouth twisted wickedly.


"The sunset is infinitely splendid, yet night is coming!"

An abrupt and hoarse male voice echoed loudly and clearly in the air all of a sudden. Passers-by around Molly and Eric looked at them in surprise and stared at them strangely.

Molly felt so embarrassed.

h him.

"You're right!" Eric nodded and said with an evil smile on his face, "but, you are the only person I would like to ask now."

"No way!" Molly refused again without any hesitation.

"Please, dearest Little Molly, do me a favor. Let me owe you a favor and then you can get a reward, " Eric begged.

"Sorry, I can't, " said Molly firmly.

"Brian will be with Wing tonight and he will return home really late, " explained Eric. Eric lifted his eyebrows while he said this. Then as he had expected, a strong sense of dismay came across into Molly's eyes right away but disappeared in the turn of a hand. Molly had hidden the sadness faintly exuding in her eyes in an instant, as her pride would never allow anybody to see through her true feelings.

Molly didn't know why but she felt a pang of pain in her heart and her breath came short all of a sudden. After a while of silence, she replied blankly, "Ok, I'll go with you."

Eric smiled happily and meaningfully as soon as he heard it. He gazed at Molly with loving eyes and looked forward to going to the private party which he had been unwilling to go to a while ago, but at this moment, he couldn't wait.

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