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   Chapter 99 An Inescapable Destiny (Part Two)

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Hearing this, Wing turned around and looked at Brian while still wearing the big smile on her pretty face. Then she blinked her charming eyes for several times and raised her eyebrows as she responded by asking, "Have you ever let me down?"

"Never, " Brian answered right away and gave her a doting smile. Immediately, his chiseled face became so soft.

"Aha, I would like to check the sound!" Wing then beamed at Brian before getting up on stage. She sat down at the white piano and randomly tickled the ivories like a naughty kid. Soon afterwards, a cheerful piano piece of jingle bells resounded in the auditorium.

Hearing such lively, jolly music, Brian couldn't help smiling. He stared at Wing with an even bigger and more doting smile on his face and kept an eye contact with her on the stage.

Wing shortly broke the eye contact with Brian as she looked down at the piano, and then she gracefully raised her hands and started to play seriously. Her beautiful fingers were like magical fairies deftly dancing on the ivories. With melodious harmonious sounds running at the tip of her fingers, Wing got completely immersed in the world of music. At that time, Wing, together with piano and the melody, seemed to merge into one masterpiece of music, quite difficult to separate.

Brian hadn't listened to her live piano solo for so long, so he kept staring at his sweet sister who was fully intoxicated in her own performance. His eyes were full of bright smiles for he loved spoiling Wing, his dearest sister. However, anyone who would saw him at this moment could tell a trace of sorrow in his dark eyes, although he tried his best to hide it deeply in his mind so that it would remain buried and forgotten.

'Wing, how could God treat you so cruelly?

You are such a kind-hearted girl, cheerful, always responsible and full of enthusiasm about life. What a strong and independent girl you are that you still face everything with that smile

an looked at Edgar with piercing eyes which sharply squinted after hearing his words. Then he narrowed his deep eyes and said in an icy-cold voice, "Thank you. But Wing feels uncomfortable, so we have to go now."

He put his hands on Wing's shoulder and started to walk away.

"Brian..." Wing protested. She frowned slightly and nodded politely at Edgar. She felt quite sorry and embarrassed at Brian's words and actions.

Seeing this, Brian slightly got irritated but his face did not show it. Wearing a poker face, he interrupted Wing and said in a cold voice, "The concert will be canceled if you set your health aside." Obviously, he took no regard of Edgar's remarks nor feelings, speaking as if the mayor wasn't there.

His words sounded so determined, devoid of any leeway. Wing knew Brian was mad at her and that he meant what he said. In fact, he somehow did it for her because he knew she disliked social events and gatherings. She sighed with a sense of resignation in her mind, and then said to Edgar regrettably, "Mr. Gu, I'm sorry but we have to go now."

"Oh, that's okay, " said Edgar thoughtfully. With a warm smile on his face, Edgar fixed his eyes on Brian and added vaguely in a slow voice, "You care so much about Wing. I'm afraid you only select a lucky few to care for."

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