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   Chapter 98 An Inescapable Destiny (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5707

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"What kind of person is he?" leaning against the seat, Molly asked Eric casually.

Raising his head slowly and staring at Molly with his sharp eyes, Eric said in a deep and slow voice,"Are you sure you want to know?"

Molly felt confounded and slightly embarrassed. Did she really want to know? Was she prepared to hear the answer? She had no idea.

To her, Brian was like the big, bright, and beautiful moon lighting up the night sky, desirable and yet, unreachable. And just like him, the moon would wax and wane, and as always, would leave you in darkness just when you got addicted to its brilliant light.

"If possible, I just want to live a free and simple life," Molly said slowly. With her nose slightly twitching and her mouth slightly curved down at its corners, Molly looked so dismal and sincere. Indeed, all she yearned for was to live a simple life and regain her freedom in the future.

Eric couldn't help but stare into her pitiful eyes. Although she was smiling, the truth behind her words was apparent. A strong sense of determination to escape her current situation was evident in her eyes.

Eric's eyes delved deeper and darker and his heart started to race. He tried his best to turn his gaze away from her as he said in a slow and indifferent voice,"Little Molly, the moment you entered Brian's life, your destiny has become inescapable. You will never live simply nor freely, no matter what you think or do."

"What about you?" Molly quickly retorted, turning her head to look at Eric.

"Me?" Eric asked, confused.

"Yes, what's your part in all of these?" With her sharp eyes narrowed, Molly stared at Eric and said in a low voice,"I know I am not that gorgeous for you

owever, she knew clearly that Brian was not the man for her, and she kept warning herself not to fall in love with him since he was not Mr. Right. He was like an addicting drug that she should never try, otherwise, it would be impossible to get rid of.

If others knew her true feelings for Brian, they might think of her as a coward or a crazy woman. Well, admittedly, Molly knew that she was having conflicting thoughts about Brian. She always knew that she could not have a crush on Brian and she must leave him for sure.

But on the other hand, she doubted whether she could leave him that easily and willingly as what she had thought and ought to do. She had a bad feeling that her whole life would just revolve around him.

Molly shivered with a fear all of sudden as the thought of being associated with Brian for "her whole life" crossed through her mind.


At Golden Auditorium of A City, With a big smile on her face and her two big bright eyes shining, Wing looked happily at the place where her charity concert was scheduled to be held.

"Are you happy?" asked Brian in a soft voice while standing next to Wing.

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