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   Chapter 97 Abandoned Again (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5898

Updated: 2019-01-16 01:47

He sat opposite Molly and glanced at the dishes and wine glasses on the table, and then asked, "Are you here with Brian? Where's he now?"

Looking at Eric's provoking face and evil smile, Molly got even more frustrated. She stared back at Eric and said with sarcasm, "You have a habit of always showing up at the right time!"

Eric shrugged and agreed, "Yes, I think so. Every time, you are left out of the blue by my cousin, I will show up in front of you like your knight to give you comfort."

"And then, you will push me into an even deeper abyss!" said Molly and then sneered.

"Little Molly, don't say that. Am I a devil in your eyes?" Eric asked, frowning.

"What? Do you think you are an angel?" Molly taunted, which left Eric speechless.

"Eric, who is she?" a woman's gentle and cute voice came from behind Molly. The woman spontaneously sat next to Eric and squinted at Molly with eyes full of jealousy.

Molly curiously looked at the woman who came together with Eric in the restaurant. Strangely, Molly somehow felt that she had seen this beautiful woman before.

While Molly was curiously observing the woman's face, the woman was also scanning Molly's figure from head to toe with apparent disdain in her face as she found out that Molly was just a cheap and ordinary woman wearing expensive clothes.

The woman discreetly let out a cold hum. She paid no further attention to Molly, and then wrapped her arms around Eric, pouted her lips and said, "Eric, I'm hungry. Let's move to another table, okay?"

Hearing this, Eric furrowed his brows more tightly. Disregarding the woman's pride, he drew his arm away from her bluntly, and then said indifferently, "I have something important to do. You should go eat by yourself. I'll pay for

ed about, particularly when it came to love.

A mysterious and evil grin slowly spread across Eric's lips as he recalled the past. His smile fell onto Molly's eyes and somehow gave her that sense of appeal and charm as she gazed on it. "Eric, you are not so different from Brian. Both of you have forgotten how to live in peace and harmony with other people ever since, right? You guys always wear those masks to hide your true faces and would never let other people see through you, " Molly voiced out her thoughts a little hesitantly.

Molly pictured Brian's face in her mind while looking at Eric and a bitter feeling gradually dawned on her after saying those words.

Eric squinted at Molly for a while, and then said in a relaxed voice, "Life itself is a play. Everyone wears a mask on his face. And, so do you. Don't you think so?"

Molly smiled, moved her eyes away, and pondered on Eric's words.

He was right. Everyone was wearing a mask in this world.

"Then, what kind of person is Brian?" Molly asked all of a sudden as she leaned her back on the car seat.

Eric narrowed his eyes and said slowly, "Are you sure that you want to know the answer?


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