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   Chapter 96 Abandoned Again (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7076

Updated: 2019-01-16 01:25

"Your wound is kinda deep," Molly said as she raised her head and met Brian's intense gaze on her. Suddenly realizing that she had over reacted, she said in embarrassment," I think you may need to bandage your wound."

Without the slightest trace of pain on his face, Brian pulled his hand back indifferently and took a slight glimpse on his wound. It was not something that he would make a fuss about. He shifted his gaze to Molly and said," Not a big deal. Just have your meal!"

His imperative and cold voice returned. He had come back to his senses from those deep and heavy thoughts a while ago.

Biting her lower lip, Molly gave up and went back to her seat. Brian beckoned the waiter to clear up the broken glass and serve their dishes. Molly suddenly turned her head to look towards her father's table, checking to see if the two men seated there noticed her presence because of her loud reaction a moment ago.

Behind the piano, Steven Xia lowered his head and talked to the man opposite him. The man, meanwhile, furrowed his brows while listening attentively.

Molly had no idea what they were talking about, but she wasn't in the mood to care about that anyway. She moved her gaze away and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the wound in Brian's hand once again. She paused and then, lowering her eyes, asked," Are you sure that you don't need to have it treated?"

"Are you worried about me?" Brian asked as he rested his black eyes on Molly.

Molly raised her head and looked at Brian's bleeding hand, and said," I would be worried about anybody with that wound, not to say... "

"Not to say what?" Brian asked after waiting for her to finish her words.

Molly met Brian's observant eyes which seemed to have read her mind thoroughly. She was scared of such look coming from him. She moved her eyes away, avoiding eye contact with him, and said coyly," I hate to say this, but I have to admit to the fact that you are the first, and so far, the only man that I have ever been intimate with."

Upon hearing her words, Brian's eyes glimmered with a dash of pleasure and his lips spread a

rgotten what had happened.

Molly kept her posture unchanged in the seat, with her eyes fixed on the scenery outside the window. She didn't even know when Steven Xia and the man he had been talking to left the restaurant. It wasn't until that moment when she saw a red sports car stopped right outside the restaurant and a very familiar man got out of it, that Molly had finally come back to her senses.

It was Eric. Molly wanted to move her eyes away, but her eyes caught a woman getting out of his car too. Before she could see clearly who the woman was, Eric had held the woman's arm and then walked towards the restaurant's door.

Molly got nervous. She hastily lowered her head and prayed silently that Eric wouldn't notice her inside.

However, luck ignored her once again. As soon as Eric entered the restaurant, his evil eyes immediately noticed Molly's figure.

Furrowing his brows, Eric stared at Molly who seemed to be trying to keep herself foolishly invisible from him. Wondering, he muttered to himself," Why is she alone here?"

"What did you say?" The woman next to Eric widened her innocent eyes and asked," Eric, who are you talking about?"

After squinting at the woman beside him, he let go of her arms coldly and then walked straight towards Molly's table. Eric burst into laughter as soon as he saw Molly's funny face, as if it was saying," You can't see me. I am not here!"

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