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   Chapter 95 How He Felt (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5899

Updated: 2019-01-16 00:19

Molly couldn't see their faces clearly, as the piano was blocking her vision. However, she could still recognize them through their blurry figures.

Steven, who was talking to the other man, didn't notice them looking at him at all. He wasn't any better than the other man in his outward appearance, yet the look on his face was more composed and sharper than usual.

Brian still held the glass in his hand and tapped his other hand on the table. His black eyes were filled with coldness and indifference, and his face was covered by a shade of cruelty that would tear any man's wounds into pieces.

Molly bit her lips heavily and her teeth cut her skin, but she ignored the taste of blood in her mouth. After a while, she fluttered her eyelids and forced herself to move her gaze back onto Brian's cold face. She ground her teeth, and asked, "Brian, do you feel satisfied now that my most painful memories have been unravelled in front of you?"

Brian stared at her sad face with a chilly gaze. He didn't feel as happy as he had expected, and instead, the same distress he had felt some moments ago in the car emerged in his heart again. He frowned at that strange feeling, and he suppressed it immediately.

"Molly, like I told you earlier as well, you stay at my side until I get tired of you, and I will settle down the thing that happened in the past to your father in return, " Brian told her with a cold face. No sign of any emotion could be heard in his voice, or seen on his face.

Molly's nose twitched with sorrow, and she wanted to escape from that feeling of being strangled or choked. However, she knew that there was no way out, and she had no other choice but to face it.

She lowered her head and softly licked the blood on her lips, the t

nd observed Molly's careful moves, while the look in his eyes became serious. He stared at her with tightening lips, and the words she had said a moment ago flashed through his mind. By those words, she hadn't burst into an emotional storm like a cat with its fur standing on end as she usually did, and she hadn't pretended to be obedient, nor had she showed any subconscious cowardice. She had just spoken out her sense of inferiority and her wish to get rid of it from the bottom of her heart. At that moment, her eyes had been glittering like diamonds, and he could see her hopes for the future shining in it.

Her eyes closely resembled Becky's, and he had been attracted by them when he had first seen her in the street near the Grand Night Casino. In the past, every expression on her face would remind him of Becky. But now, he suddenly realized that his feelings towards her had nothing to do with Becky.

Becky would always be his love; as for Molly, she was the woman that he was desperate for!

He wondered, 'Molly, whether your life will end on the wrong note or not will be decided by nobody but me. Why can't you just understand it even after this time?'

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