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   Chapter 93 Fun To Insult Me

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"If I help you, you'll have to make up for it when we get inside the car." His delicate fingers moved across her cheek and towards her chin, which he lifted up and stole glance at. Her breath blew on his own. "Why do you look so surprised?" he asked gently, but with an evil smile.

It took her a while to calm down her fury, then she replied," Brian, why do you always insult me? Does it make you happy to see me suffer?"

"You think I am insulting you?" he asked, his evil smile suddenly vanishing. "You really think everything I do is an insult?"

Overcoming her terror, Molly steeled her nerves, clenched her hands, and looked straight into Brian's eyes, which were burning with fury. "Yes, I do! So tell me! Why do you have to humiliate me like that? I may be a humble girl from a lowly family, but I am a human being and I deserve respect too!"

As she spoke, tears built up in her eyes, which she tried to hold down. She didn't want anybody's pity, especially not Brian's. Although, it was clear that he would never pity her, she just couldn't control herself anymore. She was totally exhausted, mentally and physically.

"When you have a father who's addicted to gambling, you don't have any dignity left!" Brian coldly replied. He was staring at her with a haughty smile, and his heart twisted into a dance when he saw the thin, weak girl in front of him try to pretend to be strong.

He hated how she was increasingly able to stir up his feelings. Even Becky couldn't have affected him like that but Molly... She could easily make him happy or sad.

She bowed her head and chuckled.

"What are you laughing at?" Brian sneered.

Molly looked up at him with tears in her eyes, and replied angrily," I am laughing at myself… Me... a disgraceful sex-toy fighting for respect.How ridiculous!"

Brian squinted his dark eyes and stared at Molly. For some reason, his heart grew anxious.

For him, he could look down upon Molly if he wanted, but she wasn't allowed to think little of herself!


The elevator stopped, and the door slowly opened. Brian did not move even as Molly stood behind him, blocked by his tall body.

Outside, a nurse was about to push a patient inside in a wheelchair, but Brian's murderous looks stopped her in her path.

Whoonk! The door closed again. The nurse outside relaxed and took a deep breath, as she tried to compose herself.

The patient, sitting in silence in the wheelchair, was able to catch a glimpse of Molly, as she had moved slightly as the door was closing. Furrowing his eyebrows, he started thinking of something. Molly's face reminded him of someone important.

"It seemed to be her !" he said to himself.

"What?" hearing the murmuring, the nurse curiously asked.

"Nothing!" the man in the wheelchair replied slightly, cleverly changing the topic. "Look, the other elevator has arrived. Let's get through on that one."

"Okay!" t

lips. He slightly raised his head and looked down at her deeply.

Molly closed her eyes firmly but her eyelashes, her eyebrows and her lips were shivering in fear.

Brian got annoyed and let go of her, but his gaze was still fixed upon her. She was lying on the seat, unmoving, and afraid. He was so furious that he could have torn off all her clothes and made love to her fiercely just in his anger, but seeing her shiver like that somehow made him feel bad.

Did he just feel bad for her?

Brian was shocked. He actually felt bad for her!

Molly met Brian's keen dark eyes as she slowly opened her eyes. This time, she did not avoid eye contact and glared at him through a mist of tears.

Brian raised one of his hands, gently rubbed Molly's face with his slim fingers and swept her tears away. "Molly Xia, stay with me as I told you. I will be nice to you," he said in a deep voice, with his fingers stroking her face.

Molly ground her teeth and shuddered involuntarily when she felt Brian's gnarled fingers sliding down on her face.

Brian Long had lived a life of privilege but both his palms, and his index fingers were covered with thick calluses. It was a hand made for killing and its touch felt ghastly. Every touch of his hand made her feel chilly and cold.

"You won't let me go even after a month ends. Right?" Molly asked, staring at Brian. He said nothing, but his fingers froze abruptly on her face. "Then at least tell me how long I'll have to stay with you!" she continued.

Brian took back his hand, and looked straight into Molly's eyes. It seemed that there was something concealed in her eyes. But he somehow didn't want to find out what it was.

"Stay with me till I am tired of you!" Brian replied scornfully. "If you do as I said, I will help you make up for the mistake your father made years ago."

"How did you know about that?" Molly asked in surprise, staring at Brian with her popped eyes.

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