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   Chapter 92 Repay Me For My Kindness Inside The Car (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6716

Updated: 2019-01-15 02:54

Before Molly got a chance to say anything, he hung up.

For a few seconds, Molly tried to call back, but only got the busy signal. She took a deep breath and hung up, annoyed.

"With Daniel I'll be in safe hands, Molly. You go back and have a rest now!" But those words from her mother didn't seem to calm Molly's nerves. Sharon was moved, seeing her daughter so upset, and yet as a mother, she was unable to do anything about it.

Assuring her daughter, Sharon said, "The doctor has told me that I can leave the hospital after two or three days. Come back home and see me then."

In agreement, Molly nodded, and she decided to get a chance to go back home to discuss her plan of sneaking the family out of the city.

"May I accompany you to your ward?" Daniel asked, as he stood up and was about to follow her.

"No thanks. I can go back on my own." Patting him on the shoulder, Molly politely declined, as she tried to conceal her sadness with a smile. "You are a big boy now. Please, hold the fort while I'm away. Alright?"

Daniel nodded in agreement and in silence. While watching Molly walk out of the ward, he felt stressed.

Although he was still young, he knew everything about his family. Molly didn't come home recently. She told them she had got a job that would require more time away from home. But Daniel knew better.

At the thought of it, Daniel felt upset.

Fast as she could, Molly ran towards her ward. When she opened the door, the oppressive atmosphere of the room made her gasp. She held the doorknob firmly, took a deep breath and went inside.

A furious Brian glanced at Molly with rage written all over his face. Molly still stood at the door, not saying a word. She obstinately looked him in the eye. However, she was gradually upset by his overbearing aura as they kept looking at each other.

"I, I... You..." Inside, Molly secretly scolded herself that she shouldn't be too frightened to say anything just because of his sullen moods.

Molly looked moros

e hospital? Besides, the elevator door could open at any time. Molly felt more and more ashamed and kept wriggling her body. But since she touched and rubbed him in this way, Brian felt sexually aroused, really wanting to make love to her at that moment.

"Ding!" Molly kept her eyes wide open the moment she heard the sound. Without thinking about Brian's manhood, which was rubbing on her tummy. She shook her head vigorously, wanting to get rid of his crazy kisses. However, she had nowhere to escape.

Pleading, Molly looked at Brian, tears forming in her eyes.

The elevator door slowly opened and Brian released Molly from his grip, but he didn't leave the elevator. Then he stood in front of her, blocking her with his strong, tall figure. When people tried to get into the elevator, Brian just coldly and simply sent them away.

There was a touch of aggressiveness and arrogance in his voice. How could he be so infatuated with her?

Molly slightly gasped for breath, with pensive expression in her eyes. Just after Brian uttered those words, she heard someone scream. Then the elevator door slowly closed again.

Out of the elevator, he still held Molly's hand. Glancing at Molly who was still startled by what happened just now, he said, "I helped you just now, so you should repay me for my kindness inside the car!"

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