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   Chapter 91 Repay Me For My Kindness Inside The Car (Part One)

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"I've sent a snitch to check where Mrs. Long lives and we've figured out that she and Park Shin Chun are both staying at the MG Hotel."

Brian, whose eyes were fixed on Molly, cleared his voice and quipped,"Perhaps Richie and her have had disagreement over some issues again because of Park Shin Chun. "

As far as Tony could remember, Shirley's obsession with Park Shin Chun had started two years earlier. She had seen him perform at a charity event during one of her travels out of the country with Richie. And ever since, she had become a Park Shin Chun fanatic.

A strange fascination for Shirley's age. It mystified Tony. Of course he and Shirley were different in many ways. That he knew. But it bothered him that she got on Richie's nerves with her obsession, yet she didn't seem to care in the slightest.

Although Park Shin Chun was handsome, within the family, there were two handsome men to whom Park Shin Chun could not hold a candle, despite his international fame. So her infatuation didn't make sense to Tony at all. At the thought of this, Tony wanted to laugh, but restrained himself after a cursory look at Brian.

"So Mrs. Long..."

"Anyway, let her alone, although Richie may still assign Antonio to stay by her side," Brian cut in nonchalantly.

Despite her insensitive obsessions, Richie still doted on Shirley and would never let her go out alone. Maybe, this time he didn't tag along due to his other commitments. In that case, there was no doubt that she had Antonio by her side.

"I'm also made to understand that it was Mrs. Long who shared a table with Molly last night at the dessert shop," Tony said.

Not sure if he heard Tony said right, Brian gave him a suspicious look as if to ask for confirmation, to which Tony just nodded. Then Brian looked at Molly knowingly.

Unperturbed, Molly kept her head stooped, ignoring them like their conversation was just a chit chat, to which she didn't give a hoot.

In a snit, Brian's eyes flashed. Perhaps he was displeased with Molly's indifference, or maybe he was annoyed that Shirley ducked into the ladies to avoid him and Wing when she saw them together last night.

"Who hired those bikers?" a sullen Brian asked, staring at Molly.

Apparently reading Brian's mind, Tony started,"They look like a group of gangsters, but..."

As though he had unraveled the most important clue to

check on me."

"I..." with a little stutter, Molly began. "We are in the same hospital, so I caught this chance to come and see you," she finished, her voice betraying inner struggles.

Looking Molly straight in the eye, Sharon slightly sighed and clasped her daughter's hand. "Do you still blame me for what happened the other day?" she asked.

In response, Molly dropped her gaze and slowly shook her head, without a word.

"I'm sorry. Whatever I did to you was on impulse..." Dejection showing on her face, Sharon said,"Molly, your father has told me about your situation. Don't blame him for that!"

Molly bit her lips and morosely hummed,"Hmm." It seemed that Sharon would still put up with Steven's mistakes. Indeed, Molly and her mother had owed him a lot.

Eventually, the conversation between mother and daughter got seamless. While they got immersed in the chit chat, Daniel sat at the table nearby finishing his homework. From the time of Sharon's admission, Daniel had been coming to check on her whenever he didn't have classes.

Suddenly Molly's phone rang.

The ringtone interrupted a peaceful, warm aura that had descended over the ward during their chitchat. Molly tensed, as she pulled out her phone. After seeing the caller ID on the screen, she leaned back into the sofa and answered,"Hello?"

"Where are you?" The cold voice on the other end of the line mortified Molly.

"I'm in my mother's ward now," replied Molly in a low voice while trying to hold back her horror.

"I'm giving you two minutes. Come back to your ward right now!"


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