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   Chapter 90 You Are The Last Person I'd Fall In Love With (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6331

Updated: 2019-01-15 00:02

To clam down her nerves, Molly closed her eyes and swallowed hard. When she opened her eyes again and looked around, she was mortified to meet Brian's eyes. A scream of terror instinctively escaped her.

"Are you so scared of me?" Brian asked casually, obvious anger showing in his words.

The pain in her back and strange feeling in the head brought her back to the present.

The cut in her back began to scab, but yesterday, the fall might have opened it up again...

While she thought of this, it suddenly dawned on her that she had rolled down the stairs last night.

"Is it you who brought me to hospital yesterday?" The Dragon Empire Group logo on the wall brought her to terms with where she was.

"Who else would you expect?" Brian asked sullenly.

"Thank you, " softly, she replied.

Even though Brian was the source of all her pain, she was grateful he had brought her here last night.

The grateful attitude lit up Brian's eyes, for a moment. It was his mistake that she had fallen, and he had thought she'd be livid.

There came a knock on the door. The doctor and nurse came in, followed by Tony, holding something in his hand.

After routine examination, the doctor roughly reported the situation to Brian. Luckily, there's nothing serious except that the hit on the head was strong enough to cause a slight concussion. The scab on her back was torn again, and was likely to leave a scar, but there was no need to worry. If she thought the scar was too ugly, she could choose to do a reconstructive surgery... And there were also other measures which could be taken.

Molly wasn't in the mood to think about that. Also, it might not be an issue, because the scar was on her back and it really wouldn't matter.

Brian nodded to the doctor coldly and then the doctor excused himself politely and left the ward together with the nurse.

Moving closer, Tony too

an made her heart ache. She bit her lips and drooped her face.

Watching her, Brian sensed her moods, even though she was trying hard to keep it all below.

Last night, Brian had gone to bed confused. In fact, when he asked Molly whether she was in love with him, even though it was in anger, he had felt a strange tinge of affection.

How that had come about, he couldn't tell. As far as he knew, he only loved Becky, and he wouldn't fall in love with any other girl, especially Molly!

After she had fallen when he had pushed her at the stairs, Brian had stood there and watched her. When he thought she was unhurt, he had gone upstairs and closed the door behind. But then a strange anxiety had seized him, and just then, he'd heard a thump outside. Usually, Brian was very allergic to spooky surroundings, so he had hurriedly gone back to the living room to check, only to find Molly lying motionless at the stairs.

Again at the sight of it, Brian's heart had felt a nudge, a certain mysterious feeling toward Molly.

Sensing the silence that had fallen, Tony looked at Brian and noticed he was lost in thought, perceptible dejection written on his face. Tony grinned secretly and glanced at Molly, then he came up to Brian and whispered to him.

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