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   Chapter 89 You Are The Last Person I'd Fall In Love With (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7089

Updated: 2019-01-14 04:26

"Molly, are you falling in love with me? " in a low firm voice Brian asked, mockery and disdain showing, though.

That caught Molly by surprise. "Brian, you are the last person I'd fall in love with!" she shouted angrily. "Set me free, please. I just do not want to be a mistress. I just do not want to hurt anybody's feelings. Please, let me go,"

At last, Molly growled. She didn't know why she was so vulnerable, and it seemed that she was disturbing her fragile heart with unnecessary issues.

In response, Brian sniffed with his eyes sharp like eagle's and shoved her, throwing her off balance. She landed awkwardly at the foot of the stairs, hitting her forehead on the stair.

Although the stairs were covered with a thick carpet, the impact still made her see stars and left a bump on her forehead.

When she came to, she slowly raised her head to look at Brian, clenched her fist, wishing she could hit him, but she was too weak and still feeling light-headed. Towering over her, Brian stood still on the second flight of stairs, looking down at her, with detachment.

"It is just a game. Although you are my woman and I will be good to you, I have to warn you that it's not an easy thing to be in love with me!" Looking down at Molly with indifference, Brian's face was even colder than the chilly wind outside.

"Brian, you bastard, I have told you that you are the last person I'd fall in love with!"Apparent difficulty showed in her voice. A dull pain throbbing in her head and the wound in her back, she was feeling short of breath. It felt like her heart was curbed firmly and she was about to tumble on the floor again. Even so, Molly still raised her head to look at Brian stubbornly, no matter how disdainful he was.

"Then, that will be great!"Without another word, Brian turned around to go upstairs.

Tears welled in her eyes, soon as she heard the door was closed behind him.

Picking herself up, Molly dragged her exhausted body to go upstairs, shivering. Her head was still spinning from the fall.

Everything went black again when she tried to clutch the handrail.

Molly rolled

le hospital.

Beside the bed, Brian sat looking at Molly, thick clouds circling around in his mind. He said," You can never leave me without my permission. Molly, nobody can escape from my hold. It just won't work, unless I personally choose to let you go..."

Brian's cold and angry voice reverberated in the ward, even as he watched Molly, lying motionless.

Meanwhile, Molly was floating in what appeared to be a very long dream. One that took her on a journey back to childhood. On a beautiful island, she was enjoying a happy childhood. Although her family was not very rich, she still had a happy life.

But a monster suddenly cut short her excitement. She was captured and locked into a dark room. Desperate, she screamed and flapped against the wall, looking for an escape. But there was no door nor window. At long last, when she realized it was pointless to flail, trying to escape, she curled herself in a corner dejected.

Later, Brian mysteriously appeared in the dark room, and started making his usual threats," You can never escape from my hands..." Then he stretched out his hands, which turned into claws that he used to rip her into pieces...

"Oh, my god"!

Like a shot, she cried and jerked up from the bed. Beads of sweat formed on her brow, and her breathing came in gasps as she sat up, looking disoriented.

Aloof as ever, Brian looked at her twitching his lips in mockery.

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