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   Chapter 88 Are You In Love With Me (Part Two)

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So immersed in thoughts, she didn't notice the rage in his eyes.



An exasperated Brian snorted, although his face remained expressionless. But deep down inside, he boiled and roiled with anger, like a brewer's pot.

Knowing that Brian was burnt out, Molly took out the slippers, crouched down and fitted them to his feet.

Indifferent to her charitable act, all Brian realized was that she still wore his coat. "Who were you talking to just now?" he asked coldly.

These words reminded her of what Shirley said. She paused for a moment, and said, "I just called Daniel to ask about my mom."

"Why? You're afraid I won't pay for her treatment anymore?"

Brian asked, staring at her as if he could read her mind. It was evident to Brian; she was trying to hide her feelings. But she was not good at weaving lies and faking appearances. Ever so honest, straightforward.

At his feet, Molly concentrated on removing his shoes and fitting him with slippers. "My mom's sickness got complicated because she had been left untreated for a long time, seeing we didn't have the money to treat her from the outset. Of course I'm afraid because you said you were not gonna pay for her treatment."

In fact, her lies were also truths which really distressed her. She thought about the slap mark on her face the other day in the hospital room. That prickly feeling on her face she couldn't forget.

As Brian listened, he squinted, moved by her sad face and helpless words. It made his heart ache, washing away the anger, like a wildfire dying out in unexpected torrential rain.

"Then you should look before you leap. If you do it again, you and your family will be in trouble," Brian warned.

"Okay, I got it," she whispered in reply, then put his shoes on the s

month, you can't interfere with my affairs. You can't blackmail me except for my mom's treatment fees."

"Besides your mother's treatment fees... there are so many things I can do to make you suffer," he said in a cold voice filled with sarcasm. As she weighed her options against his words, Molly's heart sank.

The tears she'd been fighting, she couldn't hold back any more. Anger and fear showed at once. "Brian Long, just leave me alone! Your girlfriend is back, and I'm not in for shits and giggles!" Please, just let me go…let me be.... I don't want to get in between the two of you, and I don't want to be your other woman!"

She blurted through sobs. The last words especially left her smothered.

Watching her cry pierced him to the heart. He despised tears, but Molly's tears had a different effect. They moved him, in ways he'd never known.

"Is it your intention to run away from me... or is it really because of my so called girlfriend?" For a moment, he put his feeling aside and stared at Molly. When he keenly looked at her, he could see her eyes had in them an unusual affection. A vague smile curved the lips of his mouth. "Molly Xia, So you're in love with me?"

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