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   Chapter 86 The Hidden Anger (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7883

Updated: 2019-01-14 00:02

Having finished his dressing-down, Brian turned and walked away, back to the woman at the counter. The radiance of his face reappeared as soon as he turned his back to Molly.

Molly bit her lower lip, ignoring the curious gazes from the few customers in the shop. Some might have been careful enough to notice that the coat draped on Molly's shoulders had an uncanny likeness to Brian's trousers and that he wasn't wearing any coat.

When she realized that Brian's dressing-down was now the subject of some of the whispers reaching her ears, Molly was on the verge of tears. The curious gazes seemed to pierce her from many directions, making her feel thoroughly humiliated.

As she emerged from the ladies' room, Shirley cautiously looked around the shop, checking to ensure there wasn't a trace of Brian's presence hanging around. Even after she had settled back to her place at the table, she kept casting anxious glances here and there. The miserable look on Molly's face and curious gazes from the other tables made her worried. "Little Molly, what happened?" she asked with lots of concern.

Molly swallowed hard and struggled to hold back her tears. Through a forced smile, she shook her head and excused herself, "Aunt Shirley, I'm sorry. It's already late. I should get going now."

"May I escort you back?" Shirley said, sensing Molly was obviously distressed. She wanted to ask about it, but felt it might be inappropriate.

"No, thanks. I can go back myself, " Molly politely declined, shaking her head.

Shirley frowned.

"I won't like to inconvenience you, " Molly continued. She lowered her eyes and pursed her lips, not knowing how to frame her next words. "Aunt Shirley...I'm sorry to ask..." she began, but broke midway for a brief moment, before picking up her line. "Could you please lend me some money? I have no money to take a taxi now. Because... earlier in the South Street Alley, my money was stolen."

Those words moved Shirley, like she was looking at her young self. At Molly's age, she also was disenfranchised, living in an inferior way like Molly did now. Obviously, Molly was also shouldering some responsibilities, despite her physical frailties and financial instability.

"I...I'll pay you back two days later when we meet again..." The embarrassment of borrowing money, without knowing how she'd repay the

voice came, "Mr. Long, Miss Long, here is the hotel."

"Okay, thanks!" Wing said and waved to Brian. Grabbing the box of cakes in her hand, she was about to get out of the car.

"I'll escort you to your room, " said Brian.

"I can go by myself..." Wing wanted to refuse, but as she saw Brian had already opened the car door, she curled her lips and said helplessly, "Okay!"

Although Brian escorted Wing to her hotel room, he did so halfheartedly. Initially he wanted to drive her straight back to his villa, but Wing insisted that it was not convenient. She needed to communicate with the band staff, and the hotel was the most suitable place for that. Unable to persuade her, Brian had to give up.

After he got in the car, he instructed Tony, "Arrange for some bodyguards to patrol around the hotel."

"Already done, " said Tony. Many years of experience in working for Brian had taught Tony what to expect. Sometimes, he didn't have to wait for instructions from his boss to do the right thing.

"Then go back to the villa now, " Brian simply answered.

"Yes, Mr. Long!" Tony started the engine and steadily drove back to the villa.

Sitting in the car, Brian started to sulk silently when he thought of Molly's look earlier. A dash of displeasure flashed through his eyes. He took out his phone and dialed her number.

"Sorry! The number you have dialed is not available. Please try again later. If you wish to leave a voice message, please do so after the beep."

The soft, artificial voice echoed into Brian's ears. His eyes narrowed, in fury.

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