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   Chapter 85 The Hidden Anger (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 8958

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When they met for the first time, Shirley Ling and Molly immediately bonded so well, you'd think they were old friends reuniting. As they indulged in the pleasant chit-chat, they both forgot about the time. They just kept enjoying their cakes, while whispering to each other.

Molly was fascinated by Shirley's experience. Time to time, she would fixate her eyes on Shirley in admiration. Before, she had always thought that she was strong enough to endure the hardship. But the story of the elegant and optimistic woman in front of her, made Molly's experiences fade in comparison. The strength and resilience of Shirley was not endowed on her by her wealth and status. It was her inborn personality and the faith she had in pursuing a better life.

It was late night. The dessert shop was quiet, with only a handful of customers. Soft music was playing in the background, smoothly mixing with a few whispers here and there.

Right then, the wind chime hanging on the door-frame rang. Instinctively, Shirley shifted her gaze towards the door. When she saw a man and a woman walking into the shop, Shirley's eyes widened in shock. Instantly, she stood up and told Molly in a hurry,"Molly, I need to go to the ladies' room now."

Before Molly could respond to her, Shirley grabbed her handbag and rushed to the ladies' room. She hid herself there, because she had seen Brian, her demonic son, walking into the shop. She just hoped that he'd leave as soon as possible.

With her back to the shop's entrance, Molly didn't know who had walked in. She was still curious about Shirley's sudden panic and rush to the restroom. Just then, she heard a conversation between a waiter and the customers behind her.

"Please pack two pieces of mousse cake. Take away," said the woman's tender, sweet voice.

Hearing the order of the customer behind her, Molly pursed her lips and stared at the mousse cake in front of her. She wondered why so many people loved eating this sugary junk.

"Pack just one piece!"

Suddenly, a cold and imperious voice she heard. Molly's body instantly went stiff, reflexive to the voice.

"No, pack two pieces, please!" the woman disagreed and insisted. Her bossy voice easily gave a hint of anger and impatience.

"It's already late now. It's not healthy indulging in so much sweet food!" The man's previously imperious voice now sounded almost subdued and helpless.

"I didn't eat anything on the plane," the woman said.

"So you've starved yourself again, in order to eat the mousse cake. Right?" the man chided.

"The food on the plane tasted horrible!"

"If that was the case, I think I should suggest our uncle to fire all those chefs

vered by his large coat, he still could see that she was shivering.

When he caught a glimpse of the dishes on the table, he realized the cake in front of Molly wasn't eaten up yet. But on the opposite side, the plate was already empty and the milk tea cup had only half left. Narrowing his eyes, Brian shifted his gaze towards Molly again and asked,"I didn't see Eric's car outside. Who's been sitting here with you?"

Reflexively, Molly cast a nervous glance at the woman in front of the bar counter, who was concentrating on her cakes as the waiter did the packing. Although the woman didn't see her, Molly still had a guilty feeling set in her heart. She feared the woman would find out that she was Brian's mistress.

Face gone completely pale, she stammered," together with a middle-aged woman..."

"A middle-aged woman?" a doubtful Brian asked, anger coloring his voice. "So...where's she?"

"She's in the ladies' room..." Mind careening in chaos, Molly answered without thinking.

Obvious fury in his eyes now, Brian scowled,"Very good. Molly, good job. I have been too charitable to you these days, but it seems you're forgetting there are limits to you."

"I..." The viciousness in his maniacal diatribe frightened Molly so much she couldn't find her voice. All she hoped for now was that Aunt Shirley could come back to her seat as soon as possible. However, she was also terrified at the thought of Aunt Shirley finding out about her indecent relationship with Brian.


The beautiful woman at the counter called tenderly. Brian turned around to the woman at the bar counter, but before he left, he gave Molly those menacing looks and sternly warned,"If you are not home in half an hour, I will stop all of Sharon Zhao's medical treatment!"

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