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   Chapter 84 An Unexpected Meeting (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6922

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Molly's voice was covered by the huge noise around them in the alley. Soon as they disappeared in the crowd, Eric came back with a few hundred dollars bills in his hand and he looked a bit disheveled. His hair was no longer in order, which, surprisingly, seemed to add some style to him. He looked around, but did not see Molly. He frowned and dialed her number, but it went straight to voice mail.

"Where is she?" He was worried about her.

Around that time, the stall owner found enough recovery from his shock to ask him, "Are you looking for the girl who was with you just now?"

"Yes, where is she?"

"She just left. She asked me to give you her phone number if you came back." The stall owner gave him the paper with the telephone number.

"Thanks" He took the paper and turned around to leave. Then he remembered that he hadn't paid for the fish balls. He took out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to the owner, indifferently saying, "Keep the change!"

The owner was ecstatic. The deal was highly favorable. One hundred dollar bill for one string of fish balls. Wonderful!

Eric left the noisy environment of the Alley and took out his phone to call the number. But soon as he typed the first three or four digits, he frowned. "Isn't this Aunt Shirley's phone number? That's impossible!"

In great confusion, Eric dialled the number anyway.

"What a nice surprise! Eric, why are you calling me so late?" On the phone, Shirley seemed to be confused too and had no idea why Eric was calling her.

Hearing her dishonest words, Eric's eyes became extremely cold all of a sudden, and he asked directly, "Aunt Shirley, are you in A City now?"

"No, how is that possible!" she denied defensively. "How can I be in A City?"

Her playful tone did not help and he believed her no more. He directly asked as he had no alternative left, "Auntie, are you with Molly now? "

"……" 'What a marvelous world!' Shirley thought. She turned around and found that Molly was lost in the sights of the alley, and was unaware that Shirley was on the phone. Shirley r

e, we can go together, " Shirley said with such happiness that her eyes seemed to enlarge.

Molly frowned slightly and thought: she had to work in the Grand Night Casino at night but was free during the day. And Brian didn't stop her from going out these days...

Finding her hesitation, Shirley said, "Just for accompanying me, OK?. You see, I barely know anyone here, and Eric doesn't like concerts. Only you can go with me. If you don't, the ticket will be wasted! It's really valuable!"

Shirley emphasized her tone and tried to beguile Molly into going to the concert.

Molly could not refuse her as she looked at Shirley's face. This was the concert of Park Shin Chun, the greatest star in the Republic of Korea! Molly nodded after a while. "OK, if I don't have any prior engagements, I'll go with you. "

"That would be great!" Shirley was really happy. She took out a pen and a piece of paper, and wrote down her telephone number for Molly. "This is my phone number. You've lost your mobile phone. Call me when you can, OK?"

"OK, I will call you!" Molly nodded.

While they were talking, the waiter brought the food and drinks to the table. Shirley liked her mousse cake, which was evident from her satisfied expressions. As they were enjoying their food, a car arrived in front of the dessert shop and a while later Brian walked into the shop with a woman.

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