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   Chapter 83 An Unexpected Meeting (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7441

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The crowd was beginning to lose its minds, pushing and shoving like a bunch of lunatics. Initially, there were a very few people rushing towards the star. But now, an entire legion was gathering around.

The South Street Alley was a popular destination for shopping for assured quality products at affordable prices. At night, it would turn into the busiest markets of the city, which would serve delicious foods and attract a multitude of customers.

Already packed during normal situations, when Park Shin Chun showed up, it was a total mess which no one could have controlled.

Several vendors here were young, unemployed people, or middle-aged women who wanted to support their families. Soon as they heard the cry of 'Park Shin Chun', they rushed to catch a glimpse, regardless of whether the news was true or not.

At that very moment, someone was shoved towards a stall where pork chop soup was boiling on a stockpot. The platform could not hold his additional weight and broke, spilling the scalding soup all around. Unfortunately, Molly was passing by that very stall and the soup rushed right towards her.

"Watch out!"

She was distracted by a scream and before she could react, someone pulled her arms towards the side and she was saved in the nick of time.

The entire pot of boiling soup splashed down, white steam emanating from it. Even though Molly was pulled away, she was still splashed slightly.


She felt a little twitch in her ankle that turned into scorching pain.

"Are you all right? Were you burnt?" Her rescuer's comforting enquiries were like a melody. A kind, warm voice, belonging to a woman.

After a glimpse at her ankle, Molly shook her head and replied,"It's OK, just a small scratch. Don't worry about it..."

"Okay, that is a relief!" The voice continued,"Lucky I got to you in time. You could have been seriously burnt if that pot had fallen down on you !"

"Thank you! You're okay too, right?"

Molly looked up to make sure her rescuer herself was safe. Looking at her, she found that it was an elegant, beautiful woman, whose face seemed to hide her age. Her eyes were large like a galaxy, bright and enticing. Molly felt like she could talk just through

think it was proper to let a girl hang out at night in such a chaotic alley. She tagged along. They were moving through the crowd while two indifferent men in black suits were following them at a distance.

Arriving at the stall, Molly asked the owner,"Excuse me! Do you remember the man with me? Has he come back?"

"He has not come back!" The owner surveyed her. He remembered the man with her was very handsome and he was impressed. He replied,"Not yet, ma'am!"

His answer seemed to make her even more anxious. She had no idea whether Eric had caught that man or where he was. It had been a while and he hadn't come back. She was worried that he might be in trouble or at risk.

Shirley looked around and saw a slim person at a distance.

"Wait! You haven't paid for the fish balls you ate yet!" Suddenly, the owner of the stall remembered that they hadn't paid.

Molly was so embarrassed. All of her money was stolen. She didn't have a penny.

Shirley, on the other hand, felt like they might be the target of that slim person. She took out a pen and a piece of paper, wrote down her telephone number and enveloped the paper with a hundred dollar bill and handed it to the stall owner. She said rapidly,"This is the money for the fish balls, keep the change. If the man comes back, please ask him to call this number!"

Before the owner could react, Shirley ran away, pulling Molly with her.

"Aunt Shirley, what's the matter? Are you OK? What are we doing..."

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