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   Chapter 82 Get Out (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7805

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Molly wasn't happy about Eric's reaction, and said,"It's more than enough. We can surely have a simple but nice night snack with it. I know you're rich and I don't blame you if you don't know how to have a nice meal with a few hundreds. You don't know how to enjoy life."

Eric was speechless by what Molly had said. But that was not true, he surely knew how to enjoy life.

"You mean someone like you would know?" Eric taunted Molly. He understood that Molly wouldn't want to share what she's been going through at this moment, so he decided to just go along with her.

"Yes, of course!" Molly said without any hesitation, and continued,"Let me, the senior gourmet, show you where to find the most delicious snacks in the city! Let's go!"

Eric was amused by Molly's enthusiasm. Raising his hand, he tapped Molly's forehead with his forefinger and said,"You? A senior gourmet? People who don't know you definitely would think that you are underaged. You're always acting like a child."

"Hey! Stop saying that I'm a child. We are of the same age," Molly glanced at Eric and said. "So? Do you want to grab something to eat?"

"Yes, of course. Let's go," Eric spoke while he started the car. "Spending Brian's money, eating with Brian's woman... It feels great!"

Molly held the bills tighter as she heard what Eric had said. She felt a little awkward when Eric put it that way. Eric was aware of her reaction and turned to her in an attempt to change the subject. But before he could say anything else, Molly had already put on a smile on her face, pursed her lips and said,"I think that's great too!"

Looking at the awkward smile on Molly's face, Eric paused for a second and asked,"Where should we go?"

"South Street Alley, please." answered Molly at once.

"The slum?" Eric asked with widened eyes.

"No, it's just an ordinary alley," Molly said, with a little discontent in her voice.

"So, we are going to a slum," Eric said firmly, arching an eyebrow.

"What's wrong with eating there? You're being a jerk," said Molly whose teeth clenched in rage.

Eric smirked at her angry look. He felt satisfied that Molly had stopped pretending she was happy. "Okay, take me to the delicious food you're talking about. What are we going to eat?"

"There's too many to choose from. It would blow your mind. Let's go!

ept pushing her forward.

"Park Shin Chun... Ah! He is over there!"

Screams were all over the place, creating a loud mixed-up noise.

Someone had knocked off the fish balls from her hand, and her mobile phone in her pocket had fallen to the ground without her noticing. She tried to go opposite the direction of the crowd to get out, but no matter how hard she tried, she wasn't strong enough to counter it.

"Excuse me, please. Could you step aside a little? Please let me get through..." Molly said anxiously as more and more people merged into the crowd. There wasn't even room for her to turn around. "Please, let me get through!" she shouted helplessly.

"Hey! Get out of my way. I want to see Park Shin Chun in person,"

Shouted a girl pushing against Molly. Since she was going in the opposite direction, people around her kept staring at her angrily. It was impossible for her to take a step farther as the crowd kept pushing her forward.

"Ah!" shouted Molly. Someone had accidentally stepped so hard on her foot that her eyebrows wrinkled deeply out of pain.

Molly was angry but helpless. She finally gave up and moved along with the crowd. Since the crowd were walking forward slowly, Molly decided to walked her way through to the edge of the crowd to get out.

All of a sudden, someone in the crowd let out a cry. Someone accidentally knocked a big stockpot of hot soup from a food stall. Molly, who was nearest to the stall, seemed to be the most unfortunate of the situation as the soup was about to pour in her direction.

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