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   Chapter 81 Get Out (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7959

Updated: 2019-01-12 07:15

"Brian," a soft sweet voice came through the phone. Brian could tell that the woman speaking to him was smiling happily and seemed so glad to talk to him.

The anger on Brian's face had disappeared instantly. His dark eyes slightly lit up and his lips curved in a light smile. It seemed that he was glad to answer the phone call as well. As he noticed that it was late at night already, he said in a low voice," It's very late. Why haven't you slept yet?" The discontent in his eyes could not be hidden as he said those words.

The woman speaking at the other end of the line paused, and then she continued in a softer voice," Brian, I miss you so much. Do you miss me?"

These simple words seemed to have touched Brian's heart. His discontent disappeared at once, and the smile on his face became evident. "Where are you?" he asked, as if he had known already the reason why she called.

All the while, Molly was staring quietly at Brian with tears in her eyes. Molly found it a little bit hard to believe that Brian would actually talk to someone in such a gentle voice. Seeing it with her own eyes, she felt a little upset as well. Although she couldn't hear the voice on the phone clearly, she could tell that it was a woman. Just a while ago, Brian had been very mean to her, completely cruel, and unmindful of her feelings. But now, he was talking to a woman on the phone with gentleness and evident concern. The fact that he treated another woman much nicer made her very disappointed.

Could it be the woman in the picture in his study?

The thought stung her brutally. She bit her lips with anger, fighting to control it.

"I've arrived at the airport," the woman on the phone told Brian in a tuneful voice. "The airport in A City," she added with a teasing, smiling tone in her voice.

There was a playful light in Brian's eyes mingled with tenderness, as if he could see the woman smiling at him, blinking. His lips curved in a smile and said," I'm coming to pick you up now."

Before the woman answered him, he hung up. Without glancing at Molly, he told Tony firmly," Stop."

Tony pulled in at the side of the road at once. "Get out," Brian shouted indifferently even before the car completely stopped.

He didn't look at Molly while he spoke, but she knew too well that his words were meant for her. His words stunned her for a while, but the surpr

a sudden.

Eric frowned and looked at her red face carefully and asked," Are you okay?" Apparently, Molly's laugh caught him by surprise.

Molly shook her head and the smile on her face disappeared. Instead of answering his question, she looked straight into his eyes and suggested," Didn't you say you wanted me to have a night snack somewhere with you?"

"Aren't you going back home now?" Eric asked, looking a little confused."Aren't you afraid that Brian might get angry at you if he can't find you at home?"

"I'm sure that he won't be back soon. He gave me these," Molly said with a smile. Waving the money in her hand, she blinked and continued with a cunning smile," My treat. Shall we?"

Looking at the forced smile on her face, Eric could tell that her smile was empty. A mixture of sadness, depression, humiliation was reflected in her eyes despite her attempt to hide it.It seemed that she had a certain problem that she wanted to forget for the meantime.

Actually, Brian had called him a few minutes ago. Knowing that he was just a few blocks away from where Brian left Molly, he gave him the exact location and asked him to pick her up at once. Eric realized that Brian was worried about Molly.

In fact, he knew that Brian didn't have any time to spend with Molly tonight, but he never thought that Brian would bring her out of Grand Night Casino so early.

"It is just a few hundreds. What could you treat me to with it?"Eric said, and then sneered and pursed his lips. He felt a little bad to see Molly forcing a smile and pretending that she was okay.

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